Visa Adventures: 10 Countries Where Getting In Ain’t That Easy!

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Fancy a global getaway? Sure, passports are your ticket, but when it comes to tourist visas, not every place is a walk in the park. Let’s dive into the list of 10 countries where snagging a tourist visa can be a real head-scratcher!

The Trickiest Countries to Visit


Want to explore Iran’s gems like Bazaar Tajrish? Well, first, you’ll need a special code. Good news: e-Visas have made it a bit less of a puzzle!


This mysterious spot demands paperwork – three copies of the visa form and an invite from Turkmenistan’s Migration Service. Better start early; it takes about 20 days!

North Korea

Known for being secretive, North Korea wants you to apply via government-approved agents. Oh, and forget chatting with the locals or wandering solo.


Political unrest and a tricky visa process make Afghanistan a tough nut to crack. Unless you’re from certain countries like Indonesia, that is.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi’s opening up with e-Visas, but there are still rules. No entering Mecca or Medina without the Islamic faith, and solo female travelers, watch out!


Bhutan is stunning, but you can’t just go solo. Organized tours only, unless you’re from Bangladesh, India, or the Maldives, and there’s a USD 65 sustainability fee.


The visa dance with Russia involves detailed forms and a trip down memory lane. They want your travel history for the past ten years – hope you kept a diary!


Cuba’s beaches might call, but getting in, especially for Americans, isn’t a breeze. Yearly restrictions and some serious limits, even for valid visa holders.


Danger alert! Somalia isn’t the tourist hot spot. High corruption and safety concerns mean consulates hardly hand out visas. Better pack a security detail.

Republic of Chad

Getting into Chad is like cracking a code. An invitation letter’s a must, and you’ll need to book and pay for a hotel upfront – no refunds!

Wrapping It Up

If you’re up for an adventure and don’t mind a visa quest, these countries bring more than just sights – they’re a challenge worth taking!

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