Jakarta Nightlife Society, Let the Party Begin

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Monumen_nasional_jakartaThe city that never sleep does not only belong to the city of New York but also in Jakarta. When sunlight bright lights replaced, Jakarta turned into a playground for lovers of night world. Jakarta, like other major cities in the world, no doubt have a life after the night before. Frenzied music, culinary offerings, to the entertainment side to ‘trade’ for sale on the night lovers.

Map revelry the night in the city is divided into two, namely the southern and north-west to be exact. Both have very different characteristics, even though they made the evening entertainment as its flagship. When judging deeper into the characteristics of these regions expanded at its entertainment offerings, the type of music played, the guests who come and turnover.

Living in the western region is king in real terms. The wishes of the guests as an undisputed command. Like one type of music played by a DJ should be in accordance with the request that guests arrive. While in the south, a DJ is likely to have the freedom to play tracks-tracks as he wishes. This then makes the more international DJ brought by the south nightclubs.

Two regions is indeed claim to have guests who come from upper middle class. In the southern region of the impression it was clearly visible. Such as clothing worn by famous brand, the car driven by the latest and faces are always in touch with the salon. While in the west, tend to look ordinary clothes worn though also from well-known brands and the latest driving. But the difference is living in the west is much more generous in spending money from his wallet. So when compared to income earnings, the western region is much more ‘weight’ than in the south.

Clubs in the west is a step ahead. When speaking facility, west club not just talking about the bar, dance floor or just lounge. Night clubs in the western region usually gives another sensation more than just air-only party. The facility could have a spa or private karaoke rooms. The presence of two areas in the city gives a different feel to spend the night. It is up to clubbers, according to the tastes encompass entertainment available nightly.

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