Important Things Before Travel to Myanmar

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Yangon_Shwedagon_1Gold pagoda, a distinct culture, friendly folks and wonderful nature. there may be several reasons to pay out a visit out to myanmar. before embarking on any trip out to the country, there may be eight things you must understand before made a cheap journey out to myanmar :

Lonji, Powder and Betel

Don’t be surprised out to realize distinct customs of one’s folks of myanmar. daily, myanmar men wear sarongs referred to as lonji. they could even wear lonji whereas operating out to build houses. lonji might well be applied to many ways, as well as length ( ankle as we usually wear gloves ) which can be shortened. this mini lonji popular by folks that work ; lonji worn folded means back therefore merely out to the extent of one’s knee length. the ladies conjointly wore cloth, coupled with cold powder that covers the eye just like a mask. men and ladies chew betel nut and spit out just like a red liquid during which they actually are located.


Myanmar will be the merely asean country that also needs a visa. visa on arrival is simply valid for business purposes., you then really need to manage the visa before departing. mind your visa along at the myanmar embassy. requirement : a statement that the applicant won’t be searching for work in myanmar, 4×6 size photo of yourself 2 sheets, passport and pay USD20. visa can maintain 3 days.

Kyat Currency

Myanmar currency will be the kyat. whereas there, i failed to realize the coins used. certain you be sure you bring money ( kyat or bucks ) with in quantity sufficient, as a result of merely a awfully few places that settle for payment by credit card or debit card. atm is additionally terribly very little, particularly utilizing a small locality. set up your pocket and take cash in sufficient quantities. offer the dollar is additionally extremely helpful as a result of there may be few places settle for USD. build certain your bucks in a awfully sensible condition and never worn.

Transportation in Myanmar

Taxis are reasonable which can be found everywhere in yangon. additionally out to yangon town, public transport may be a modified pickup truck for transporting passengers and goods up towards the roofs. but motorcycles might well be found simply within the village though.

Trains might well be used as an different, other then create certain you could have masses of time. journey from yangon out to mandalay that might well be taken 8 hours out to 16 minutes by car distance trains.

Telecommunication in Myanmar

None as to the other asian telecommunications provider that might well be active in myanmar. obtain a fresh sim card, is expensive, most especially if visiting for a couple of days. different communication might well be done with public phones. payphone might well be found simply inside the facet as to the road. unlike the telephone in other country, that delivers the meter out to indicate the quantity that should be paid, here kiosks employing a regular phone. telephone owner determines the quantity that should be paid primarily based on any long talk.

Internet might well be accessed through internet cafes and wifi in sure places. other then the speed is extremely slow. be trained in order to lose the net connection and cut off from all admittance to your social media. wifi typically might well be found in leading hotels and cafes.


Flavored food in myanmar is similar out to other asian cuisine. other then I’m a trifle an effort to distinguish exactly where the food stalls and occasional outlets where. each seem that should be similar, other then the occasional search is sometimes just give drinks and snacks kind of dumplings, spring rolls and cakwe.

The menu within the restaurant didn’t facilitate as a result of most just have lettered menu burma. invite an acquaintance to put in writing down a few basic foodstuffs like chicken, noodles, and sauce for straightforward ordering. the initial few days, we perpetually eat fried rice as a result of it without a doubt will not have any idea where to order alternative food.

Special Permit

Not all places in myanmar open out to tourists. a few areas, particularly heavily guarded areas of conflict and tourists are banned. look for further information ahead concerning this before you can arrange a trip.


Lodging is often there in each and every town, particularly within the town is visited by most tourists as yangon, mandalay or bagan. although not all hotels and motels might settle for foreigners keep. having been once stranded utilizing a small village as a result of the inn for foreigners full and lodging for native individuals refused out to settle for us as a result of they’re going to be sanctioned.

Native residents are formally banned foreigners lodged in house. but inside my expertise, individuals can still be nice and let you keep at his house if it’s known beforehand. in situations of urgency you might want to take a sleep utilizing a monastery or possibly a monk dormitory. in fact by asking permission 1st and hope they’re going to be kind enough.

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