How to Pass Immigration in Scandinavia

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Copenhagen_Kastrup2In the immigration counter, the queue was quite crowded. The immigration counters are divided into EU and EFTA Passport and All Passport. Who have European passports do not need to queue for passport control only glimpsed only. All Passport quite crowded with queues stretching, is mostly a race asia with darker skin tones. When the line is completed, the immigration officer will open the page of the passport and the stamp is printed. All immigration process for Passport long enough. Normally the immigration officer will stamp your passport and start a scan next examined the Schengen visa and ask a few questions such as how long you live, for what you get there, where you stay when in Scandinavia, and ask return ticket back to your home country. After all processes run smoothly and successfully, then the sheet Schengen visa will be stamped by the immigration officer.

As information, there are some experiences of those who were upset with the service of an immigration officer in Europe that seem hard and long before allowing them entry into Europe. The most severe is to be detained in an airport lounge to complete all travel documents checked.

Usually the complicated immigration process as it occurs in countries with high visitor traffic or state commonly used as the gateway to Europe. Most importantly, you do not be afraid and stay confident when faced with an immigration officer. Always calm in answering any questions and show all the documents they asked for. If complete documents and visas are attached to your passport, there is no reason for them refusing entry to Europe.

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