Best Moments in Hong Kong Disneyland

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Hong_Kong_DisneylandAll year, hong kong disneyland has got the exciting events which are tailored to firmly the instant when finally it was being celebrated. consistent with the hong kong disneyland managing director andrew kam, hong kong disneyland has four major events through the entire year. wish to firmly really know what ? check out his review below :

Lunar New Year

Currently being a playground located in hong kong, the majority of voters celebrate the chinese new year, you don’t really need to wonder anymore if along at the time of chinese new year at hong kong disneyland can feel the festive atmosphere. lion and dragon dances don’t forget to firmly color the chinese new year here.


Christmas possibly one of the best moments to firmly visit hong kong disneyland. playground in asias widest entirely decorated by having festive christmas theme. additionally to firmly festive decorations, delicious food is likewise provided throughout the christmas holidays at disneyland hong kong. in the following space main street conjointly artificial snow so as to firmly lower the christmas atmosphere is additional pronounced, aforementioned andrew.


Don’t miss the halloween festivities conjointly celebrated in hong kong disneyland. then when halloween is typically a favorite young visitors. we offer haunted house that could surely entertain them, added andrew.

Spring Season

Within the whole spring, hong kong disneyland held a star celebration. this special celebration for visitors who desire to firmly celebrate one thing regarding the family or relatives. for instance there who desire to firmly celebrate mothers day or fathers day. we are likely to with a distinct theme, like this years theme is princess theme, aforementioned andrew.

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