Hot Spring in Bali, Toyabungkah

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photo by っ
photo by っ

Toyabungkah included in the village of Batur, Batur Fund western edge. With a distance of about 88 kilometers from Kuta. Toyabungkah is an area that has natural hot water. In this area there are two hot springs. The first is managed by foundations Batur Village People, who both managed by private companies.

The water temperature in the hot springs can reach 45 degrees. The water is believed to cure various skin diseases. Although you do not have a skin disease, you can also bathe here. You can do relaxation with a soak in the hot tub while enjoying the view of Batur Lake and Trunyan village tucked between dense forest in northeastern edge of the lake.

In Toyabungkah there are several hotels and inns. One of the hotel is managing the natural hot spring pools. Usually the adventurers who want to climb Mount Batur usually stay at Toyabungkah before they begin the ascent to Mount Batur.

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