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Greg Willis/Wikimedia
Greg Willis/Wikimedia

Travelers will be lucky if ever enjoy the beauty of Halong Bay in Vietnam. Although this article was written with the intention of helping tourists and other travelers with a limited budget, it never hurts when travelers share experiences staying overnight in one of the most luxurious timber ships operating in Halong Bay. Actually a lot of backpackers are usually not including tourists who love going to fancy things while on vacation, but this time is an exception because it is a special moment. So after doing a thorough research enough tourists can book a tour of two emotion one night with Indochina Sails. Decision to choose this ship is based on a review of the various forums, such as Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet, as well as some well-known travel agency sites in Vietnam. Of course, many tourists who also see a review of the other travelers who have used this ship.

Because of limited time in Hanoi, travelers finally booked a Halong Bay tour through a travel agent named Handspan which is one of the most recommended travel agent in Vietnam. Party travel agents are also very cooperative when contacted via electronic mail. It turns out the handspan often give discounts to certain people. However, when compared with the price of one night hotel in Hanoi, is comparatively very expensive. But it is comparable to an unforgettable experience. Travelers will arrive in Hanoi at noon, and will depart for Halong Bay tomorrow. That morning, traveller choose Handspan walked to the office in Ma May St. which is very close to the location of the hotel. Office of the trip was to provide a sofa with a backrest and a half beds were very comfortable. Some backpackers are resting. Some of them want to do a tour of Halong Bay, while others will go to Sapa which are highland town a few hours away from Hanoi.

Not long ago, travelers will be transported by minibus. As usual, the bus had to pick up tour participants from each of the hotels which are all still in the Old Quarter. Thanh The Vietnamese Guide with English accent is quite vasih. Thanh travelers will then ask for your name one by one, occupation, country of origin, and what would climb aboard. Arrive at Bai Chay Wharf, travelers will wait a while orange at 11:30 Indochina Sails passengers transported by shuttle boat towards the ship. A young woman wearing traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai is greeted at the door of the ship. Ships Indochina Sails 2 are consists of 14 cabins, superior and deluxe class. Ship 40 meters long with a width of 8.5 meters and height 19 meters. It seems that the superior class reservation will normally be upgraded to deluxe, because Vietnamese family group usually want to be on one floor.

The cabins on the ship are not inferior to a 4 star hotel. The size is certainly not at the hotel on the ground, but very plush. The use of hard kay also makes it look more luxurious cabin. The bathroom was also very clean and comfortable. Lunch usually consists of a set menu, ranging from appetizers, two main meals, and desserts. When the menu of international cuisine. Certainly very filling. Ships sail to Luon Cave. The passenger was busy taking photos of the upper deck. The view is simply amazing. Towering cliffs of bluish gray water. Partly overgrown with dense green forests. Ship through several attractions such as Turtle Island, Nguoi Da island, and the Heaven’s Gate Island to get to the cave. There, passengers can paddle a kayak, or take a boat rowed by locals to explore the cave. In addition to exploring caves by kayak, travelers can also surround the floating village. Floating village here is greater than ever visited the floating villages around the Mekong River Delta. In addition there is also a small shop houses and even schools.

The next stop is Ti Top Island. Here tourists will climb the ladder menu viewing post. The hill is quite high, although not very tiring, and that is definitely worthwhile exchange. Ti Top of the hill views of Halong Bay is truly pleasing to the eye. far away karst islands, clear blue water, blue sky, it is the combination that makes you grateful to have visited this place. seen some passing tourist boats. In the Ti Top tour participants can also swim and play water in the sand. Travelers also need to make themselves available to buy mineral water from the shops on the beach before returning to the ship. From Ti Top, ship heading around Luon Bo to drop anchor. Travelers will spend the night here. Dinner served at Indochina Sail when it really will make your stomach stroked due to a glut. Pile of clams, crabs, jumbo shrimp, grilled fish, and so on. You can take as much as your stomach can accommodate. Full stomach, a quiet atmosphere, the ship swung slowly travelers are guaranteed to make fast asleep. The next morning already smell the coffee. Tea, coffee, and a small cake will accompany the passengers to enjoy Halong Bay while the fog still has not lifted. Most of the tour participants still lazing in the room. The other night lying on a chair on the deck. Travelers can follow the tai chi sessions so fresh weight and then can eat morning meal with gusto. A variety of traditional dishes like Pho Vietnamese or international food ready to eat. Ships moving towards surpirse Cave. There, tourists have to climb about 100 stairs to get into the cave. The cave has been given a color of lighting to facilitate the visitors. Cave of surprise, the ship headed towards Bai Chay in Halong City and that is enjoyable holiday in Halong Bay.

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