Tips on Choosing the Halong Bay Cruise Tour

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halong bay cruise overnightChoose what kind of tour that fits your budget. Halong Bay cruise tour options are very diverse, but let you start with the easiest is the budget. Travelers can divide the types of tours that can be selected into five classes. Very cheap, usually a day tour. This tour is chosen by people who just want to feel ever visited Halong Bay. There is also a two day one night tour that offers a very cheap price, especially in the off-season, but not recommended. This tour is very cheap for the condition of the vessel less attention. Better you select the next type, which is cheap. The price is still pretty low, pretty much ship option. Tours of this type are usually chosen by travelers who want to enjoy Halong Bay without spending much money. You will get the basic facilities. Higher option is standard, with better ships and more secure facilities. If you choose a package of three days and two nights, the second night stay in Cat Ba, the possibility of hotels in Cat Ba is also better. The next option is a luxury, of course the price of the tour is also expensive. For this class of ships also many options. Not only ships with a 4-star hotel facilities, dishes are served to passengers is also remarkable. The fifth is chartered, for this kind you have to go in a group. Renting a boat for a large group can be less expensive and other advantages, you can adjust travel plans with desire.

Halong Bay Tours from Hanoi

When one of the travel guides recommend Aloha Junk boat, for example, do not just believe it. Find information about the ship, itinerary, and so on. Compare also with Valentine or Emeraude ship, or other vessel that level. Do not believe the testimony also directly written on travel agency sites. Halong Bay tour operators often fabricate testimony and reviews for the sake of ticket sales. They also always give a good rating for vessels working with them. In fact, sometimes they write a bad review about a particular ship which is their rival. And where you can get accurate information.

Information from other travelers can get from various travel forums, such as the Tree of Thron forum held by the Lonely Planet or the reviews of TripAdvisor. Read also various trips that many blogs are written by fans traveling. There is also a good idea to seek information from colleagues who come from the same country through their blogs. There is a possibility of relatively similar tastes and budgets.

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Do not be a gullible customer. You have to ask in detail and in writing if necessary. Ask if they will continue to turn on the ac or fan all the time, get the room you get away from the location of the generator, whether you will be fed 3 times a day, whether you will be given water to drink or to buy, whether you will be given the opportunity pass to explore cave with kayaking, and whether to pay the extra costs. When the travel agent hesitated or did not want to give answers to your questions, you better look for another tour provider. You probably will end up at the travel agency a little more expensive, but with a better quality of service.

When boarding the ship, you should immediately check the condition of the cabin. Make sure the air conditioning works well. also clean toilets and so on. If there is a problem, report it immediately. The longer you delay, the less likely the damage will be repaired. Direct report while the ship was still close to the mainland.

There is some suggestion that states do not pay in full up front. Some tourists says that they can book their tours through the hotel in Hanoi and only a down payment. They will pay the remaining costs after the tour was over. This is only possible if you book from the hotel. also not all hotels will allow half payment. If you order from a travel agency or from the internet, of course you will be required to pay in full. From here the most important is choosing the right travel agent.

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Many tourists who initially thought that the book tour 3 days and two nights, they will be able to roam Halong Bay with more carefully. They will have the opportunity to swim, kayaking, exploring more cave. It is true, by choosing this package, your time to enjoy Halong Bay is longer with a wider range of activities as well. You do not spend time back and forth from and to Hanoi. For two nights package tour participants will usually spend a second night on the mainland, generally in one of the hotel in Baa Cat in Lan Ha Bay tau. You have to specifically ask about this accommodation. so many bad experiences that travelers experienced since getting a very bad accommodation in Cat Ba, but they have to pay dearly.

Halong Bay Overnight Cruise

Also, make sure the additional activity also what else would you get with this one extra night. if you are going to visit another cave, or whether you will be invited to another island, do not let you just played in the same place, trust is very difficult to distinguish limestone islands in Halong Bay. And if anyone offers a tour of more than two nights, do not order. According to the experiences of other travelers, 2 days 1 night is enough to enjoy Halong Bay.

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