Halong Bay Caves

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Photo by Greg Willis
Photo by Greg Willis

Tam Cung cave means also Three Palace. The cave is located right in the middle of Halong Bay. As the name suggests, this cave is divided into three rooms. The first room filled with rocks of various shapes. In the second room, you have to go through a bumpy road to get to a spring. Third room containing rocks. Tam Cung cave is located on the island of May Den, a separate island with another island, this island cliffs shaped vertical and dense forest.

Caves Giau Go is located in Wood Floating Island. Seen from a distance, the mouth of the cave was colored blue with a shape like a jellyfish. After about 90 stairs to the top, visitors will arrive at the cave. The cave is very high, reaching 25 meters. Hundreds of cave stalactites hanging high in the sky, like a waterfall. The cave is divided into three sections. The outer part is the room that gets natural light. Here we see such a variety of rock formations. The second room can be entered through a narrow slit. Here the condition is quite dark. The third section is wide open and at the end of the cave there is a crystal clear pool. The name is derived from driftwood cave popular story about the battle against the attacks of the Mongol Yuan. In the battle of General Tran Hung Dao was ordered to make steel-tipped wooden pegs to be implanted in the bottom of Bach Dang River. In this cave the general hide the wooden pegs before the plug at the bottom of the river.
Bo Nau cave is also called the cave pelican. The cave is quite gentle with lots of stalagmite and stalactites. Name Nong Bo and Bo Nau comes from the pelican birds often enter the cave. the mouth of the cave is located on the edge of the island, overlooking the sea.

Hanh cave is the longest cave in Halong Bay. Sektiar located 9 kilometers from Cam Pha Town and 20 kilometers from Bai Chay. Reach the 1,300 meter long cave runs through the stone mountain of Quang Hanh. Visitors see the cave from a small boat through a hole in the stone wall. Small hole and just simply entered a small boat at a time. If you want to get these unforgettable adventure, you can rent a canoe from the dock Hoan in Hon Gai, Halong City. Or you can also take a bus to the Cam Pha. From Cam Pha pier, you can rent a canoe. One thing to remember, you can only visit Hanh cave at low tide, because the only currently visible from the outside of the cave mouth. Flashlights, torches, and other tools necessary because conditions are very dark and long cave. It took about 90 minutes to wade through the entire cave Hanh. This adventure is only recommended for experienced Yuan travellers. Another choice is hire a guide who is a local person. The mouth of the cave there is an altar or statue of Ba Co Three girl lies on top of a high rock. Just like many other locations in Halong Bay, this cave also has a famous legend. There were three girls who often go overboard with. One day they were detained by the rain and were forced to take shelter in a cave. Fascinated by the beauty of the cave, they forgot the time until the tide. Finally they trapped in the cave and died there. They become a Water Goddess. Until now, the fishermen who cross this region still finds time to pray at the altar.

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