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fun halong bay tripadvisorBo Hon Island, also known as Soap-Berry Tree Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Halong Bay. Not only because of the stunning scenery, but also because of some caves on the island. as one of the largest island, the island has four namely Luon cave, Sunrise, Male, and Virgin. Contour island with high mountains and steep cliffs form a wall. Luon cave cliff which is located about 14 km from Bai Chay Beach is also high. From the mouth of the cave, tourists will be brought more into to see the lake. Lake surrounded by large trees and limestone cliffs. Not infrequently seen monkeys running around. Here, you will also see an orchid tree farrago.

Sung Sot cave is located right in the middle of the area which is used as a World Heritage by UNESCO. The cave is located on Bo Hon Island, and is one of the most beautiful cave in Halong Bay and its widest. The cave is divided into two rooms. The first is similar to a large theater room. Stalactites hang from the ceiling. A narrow slit will bring you to the second chamber, where the visible beam of light. The room is also very large enough to accommodate thousands of people at once. In the deepest part of the cave there are many trees with a clear pond in the middle of the hills. The cave is located in the center of Halong Bay tourism, as well Me Cung cave and Ti Top Beach. From the pier, tourists must pass through about 50 stone steps leading to the mouth of the cave, which is located approximately 25 meters above sea level. After that you should be down to 10 the next rung up at the mouth of the cave. Overall the cave covers 10000 meters wide. Inside the cave there are thousands of stalagmite and stalactites. In the middle of the walkway has been created by the government. To help visitors, lights also provided in the wall of the cave. On the side of the mouth of the cave there is a stone that resembles a horse with a long sword. According to legend, after defeating an enemy attack, Thanh Giong help local ward off evil spirits. After completing the task, God Giong flew to heaven and leave the horse and sword to keep the evil spirits do not return.

Trinh Nu cave is called the Cave of the Virgin. The cave is located on Bo Hon Island, in a series that also includes Dong Tien lake, Sung Sot cave, Luon Cave and. The location of the cave is about 15 kilometers from Bai Chay Beach. For fishermen, this cave is their home because it is a region rich in fish. But for young people, this cave is considered as a symbol of love. The cave is a popular place for young couples to express love. When entering Trinh Nu cave, visitors will find stone statues long haired girl who was lying. The girl stared towards the sea. Meanwhile in the cave Trong Trinh Nu Cave dealing with, there is also a statue of a man facing Trinh Nu Cave.

According to the legend of a local resident, formerly there was a beautiful girl fishing. The family is very poor and serve the local landlords. The landlord was forcing poor families to hand over their daughters to be concubines. Meanwhile the girl had had a lover who was located in the open sea, fishing for applying for the girl. Landlords angered by the rejection and alienate the girl on a remote island. There, the girl is tired and hungry. Until one night, in the rain and storm, the girl turned to stone. That same night, the beloved rowing boat to search for the girl. The storm blew the wooden boat to the island. When there is lightning, he saw the lover, but the call is lost in the wind. Eventually he was exhausted and turned to stone.

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