Halong Bay Vietnam Islands

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Photo by Dennis Jarvis/Wikimedia
Photo by Dennis Jarvis/Wikimedia

On the southeast side of Halong Bay, exactly 25 kilometers from Bai Chay Wharf there Cong Do island in Bai Tu Long, which is also included in the World Heritage area. The island has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 23 kilometers with 172 meters the highest mountain peaks. The island has many lagoons habitat shrimp, squid, fish, crab, and sea plants. On the southwest side there is a beautiful coral reef.

Located in Bai Tu Long Cong Tay Island is usually visited by sightseeing tour around the island and Quan Ngoc Lan dude. Cong Tay Island is located 40 kilometers from the dock. To get here it takes about 90 minutes by regular boat. With a fast boat, travel time is only about 30 minutes. Coal companies, construction, and Pier Cham Pha has built tourism facilities in this place. There are several restaurants and rest houses. From the house to travelers heading to the beach via the walkway made of red brick. On either side of the walkway there is a row of coconuts.

Located on the southeast side of Halong Bay, Dau Be Island is only about 500 meters from Hang Trai Island to the east. Located about 28 kilometers from the dock. The island is 23 meters. The most famous attraction is the island of Ba Ham Lake, which has become a tourist destination since time immemorial. Ba Ham Lake is located in Dau Be Island, on the southwest side of Halong Bay. Ham Ba Island is part of a series of the most distant island, bordering the Long Chau Sea. Ba Ham Lake is located in a rectangular flat area surrounded by high cliffs. The lake consists of three wide and round ponds connected by a kind of tunnel. Ba Ham Lake Island where are the habitat of the yellow hair monkeys, flying squirrels, birds, and bats. Meanwhile, the plants that grow on the island include the fig tree, orchids, and banyan. Meanwhile in a wide variety of marine life shrimp and fish.

Although located 25 kilometers from the mainland, the lake has become one of the popular attractions in Halong Bay. The entrance to Ba Ham Lake is a semi-circular hole in the wall rocks northwest of the island. From the driveway tourists will see so many stalactites and stalagmite shapes and colors. The farther down the tunnel, the light of the sun will fade. Only light coming from the hole in the roof of the cave, in between a wild orchid tree. The farther inside, visitors will find a very beautiful lake. Most tourists visit the lake using a wooden boat that is long and narrow.

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