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Photo by collifier01/Wikimedia
Photo by collifier01/Wikimedia

Reu Island lies about 500 meters from the pier. On this island will be built a large resort. The journey from Bai Chay Wharf to Ba Trai Dao Beach takes about 4 hours. Ba Trai Dao means is three peaches, are three white sandy beaches that surround three small islands. This beach has a famous legend. There used to be a fairy from heaven came to play and swim. The most fairy very pretty young, he fell in love with a young fisherman. The fairy stole three peaches to be given to the young man. He said, when the young man was eating a peach, he will have eternal life so that they can live together forever. However, when the fairy was waiting for her lover, the King of Heaven know of the theft. And then the third condemned to stone peaches. Meanwhile, the elf was forced to return to heaven.

Bai Chay Beach is very close to Halong City. Many resorts and large hotels built around the beach. hence, the holiday season is also full of beach tourists. according to local people, the name comes from the story of Bai Chay struggle. This is the first place in the forest and in 1287 led the Mongols attacking Vietnam Truong Van Ho and repulsed by Tran Khanh Du. Many Mongols burned the ship being blown up on shore. Strong winds made the fire crept up the forest burn. Since then, the place is transformed into a beach with the name Bai Chay beach or burning. Because it is located very close to the city, the infrastructure at the beach is quite complete. Entrance is paved road access. In addition to the natural landscape of sand beaches and cassowary trees, many other entertainment around the coast, such as water puppet theater, restaurant, and traditional musical theater. In addition there is an amusement park water jug ​​with various types of water sports, such as water bike, water skiing, and so on.

Thien Cung cave is located on the main land, only about 4 miles from Pier Halong City. Although not far from the town, the road leading to the cave is quite dangerous because it must pass through a dense forest. Once through the narrow gate, you will see the mouth of the cave is 130 meters long. The most interesting of these is the cave of stalactites from the cave ceiling. On the east side of the wall of the cave there are several images. This cave is one of the natural beauty that was recently discovered and is one of the most beautiful cave in Halong Bay around. Not only beautiful, this cave also has its own legend. Reportedly a young woman named May one day be seen by Prince Dragon. Dragon prince fell in love with her. They married and the wedding lasted for seven days and nights in the middle of the cave. In celebration of the wedding of animals such as elephants and birds are also present. Until now seen the shape of birds, fish, flowers like printed on the wall of the cave. Inside the cave there are also three pools with water coming from the springs.

Me Cung cave is located in Lom Bo Island, about 2 kilometers from Ti Top Beach. The mouth of the cave from a distance looks like a house. The entrance to the cave is very narrow and only one person can pass at all times. The room inside too narrow and small, but there are many stalagmite and stalactite beautiful. From inside the cave will be visible beam of light that shows the direction to the end of the cave. When out and up the stone stairs, there you will see the amazing view of a large lake surrounded by hills. According to information, the water in the lake was always blue. The lake is also a habitat for many species of fish, octopus, algae, shrimp, sea grass, and coral reefs. Next to the lake grow trees that are very old. Me Cung Caves dry conditions with adequate ventilation. At the mouth of the cave there is a pile of fossilized shells. Inside the cave is the same. This cave became the site for prehistoric archaeological Vietnam.

Kim Quy cave is also known as the golden tortoise, a small island located in the Nam Dam. The Cave size is about 100 meters long with a width of 10 meters. The entrance to the cave is narrow with a small river flowing. Stalactites that hang in the sky like snow white cave. This cave legends associated with the legend of the golden tortoise of Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi. Having helped Emperor Le Loi eradicate the enemy, the golden tortoise took the sword back ever given and swam out to sea. Arriving in Halong Bay, a turtle met the devil is blocking the way. After defeating them, the turtle became very tired and looking for a cave to rest. When found, he was in and then turn into a stone. In the cave Kim Quy stones can still be found even turtles complete with cuts suffered in battle.

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