Halong Bay Beaches

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halong bay water beachNgoc Vung Island, also known as Jewel Island, Ngoc Vung is located in the district of Van Don. On the east side there is a one kilometer beach with clean white sand. This island used to store many gemstones so that when viewed from above as incandescent. In this island also found numerous stone artifacts help archaeologists researching about Halong culture. Ngoc Vung Island has some beautiful beaches. This white sand beach has a backdrop of green mountains of Van Xuan as high as 182 meters. Moreover, in this place also as cultural heritage sites in Halong. Sustainability Beach Ngoc Vung still quite awake. Tourists can play, swim at white-sand beaches along the 3 kilometers. In addition, tourists can also enjoy seafood supplied by local fishermen.

Quan Lan Island became a part of Bai Tu Long. Extent of about 11 kilometers with eight small hamlet inhabited. Quan Lan Island stretch from east to west with a high peak that protects the village from the onslaught of waves and strong winds. The island is situated on an important navigation route linking Vietnam to Japan, Thailand, China, and the Philippines. on both sides of Quan Lan Island there are tens of kilometers of white sand beach. From here the locals take the raw material for making glass. Craft is also one of the region’s tourist assets. since the 11th century, Quan Lan became one of the trade center in Van Don in the past. This also explains the existence of a large pagoda which is now located on the seabed. Currently, there are at Quan Lan Quan Lan public house which was built in the 18th century. In addition there Quang Linh Tu Pagoda, which was built to honor the gods and Buddha Lieu Hanh. Quan Lan Pagoda also worship the image of elders Hau, a local resident who has contributed to the construction of the pagoda. In addition to pagodas, stood an altar dedicated to Pham Cong Chinh, ancestors who participated in the battle against attack Yuan. On this island there are two beaches that are frequented, namely Coastal Minh Chau and Quan Lan. Quan Lan Beach has white sand with waves big enough. On the beach there is a pine tree.

Minh Chau Beach is located 15 kilometers from Quan Lan Beach. This beach is famous for its white sand that does not stick in the foot. Many travelers who camper on the beach. Travelers can head to the coast via Cam Pha, crossing Tai Xa located to close to Cua Ong Temple, leading to Cai Rong. Account after traveling overland approximately 9 kilometers, tourists have boarded the ship in Cai Rong pier. Quan Lan Island trip takes about 3 hours.

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