Recommended Places for Travel in Gothenburg

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GöteborgshjuletHere are some famous tourist attractions in Gothenburg and you can visit while there. Here are some of them.

Gustav Adolf Torg

Gustav II Adolf was a figure behind the establishment of Gothenburg City. Pose with hands pointing down saying “The City shall be placed here.” And development of the city of Gothenburg where he began to show his hand. Gustav II Adolf faces 24-year-old while pronouncing the sentence looks quite old in sculpture depicting legendary pose him this. maybe he was quite stressful because at a young age already have set up a city. Statue of Gustav Adlof Torg quite historic for the people of Gothenburg and you should not miss the opportunity to visit this statue.

The Wheel of Gothenburg

Gothenburg’s big rainbow pride began greeting the tourists who come when they reached the Nils Ericson Terminalen. Size large enough to make a rainbow was clearly visible from the main terminal Gothenburg, as if inviting tourists to see the city of ketinggial 60 meters. Of Nils Ericson Terminalen, we just walk down to the harbor about five minutes and will be up in front of the Ferris wheel is located adjacent to the theater of Gothenburg Opera House.

On The Wheel of Gothenburg, tourists can see the sights and the busy port city of Gothenburg syky line. The best moment if you want to try the Wheel of Gothenburg is at dusk because when the sun begins to weaken and change the color to yellow and the orange city lights are turned on. Ticket prices The Wheel of Gothenburg is 95 SEK and get a 25% discount when using the Gothenburg City Card.

Liseberg Amusement Park

Liseberg Amusement Park called the biggest play park in Northern Europe and became one of the flagship tourism attraction Gothenburg City. The playground is equipped with a thrilling game that is capable of adrenaline, the most famous of Liseberg Amusement Park is the trajectory of Balder rollercoaster made from wood.

Statue of Poseidon

Poseidon statue is one of the historic statue in Gothenburg city that often adorn Gothenburg tourism brochure pages. Poseidon statue is located in the square surrounded Gotaplatsen several important buildings in Gothenburg, like Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg or Malmo Conecrt Hall, and Gothenburg City Theatre. In addition, a statue of Poseidon Avenyn end of the road which is one of the main roads in Gothenburgdan make the strategic position of statues of Poseidon and is known by many people.

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