Romantic Vibes in Korea: Unleash Your Inner Explorer!

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Hey wanderers, if you’re plotting a South Korea escapade, Namsan Tower is your ticket to dreamy landscapes. Officially, they call it the Seoul YTN Tower, a funky communication tower ranking second in Seoul’s height hierarchy. Perched on Mount Namsan, it’s a magnet for millions of visitors every year.

Now, let’s talk about hitching a ride to Namsan Tower:

Namsan Cable Car

  • Takes a breezy 10-15 minutes.
  • Shell out 14,000 won for a round trip if you’re an adult, and 10,000 won for the kiddos.

Namsan Shuttle Bus

  • Hop on from Chungmuro Station or Dongguk Univ Station.
  • Ticket price: 1,100 won.

Seoul City Tour Bus

  • Score a seat on the city tour bus from Gwanghwamun Donghwa Duty Free.

Once you hit the observation deck of Namsan Tower, soak up Seoul’s skyline. And oh, don’t skip the love locks – that insta-famous spot for lovebirds and K-drama fanatics. The base rocks fences where you can sling your own colorful love lock, just like in those romantic Korean dramas.

Get snap-happy with the vibrant love locks framing Namsan Tower. Forgot your love lock? Fret not! Vending machines got your back.

Feel free to explore the digs, including cool eateries within Namsan Tower. Fancy a spin? There’s a rotating restaurant for a dining experience like no other. And for the ultimate keepsakes, hit up the souvenir shops scattered around. Ready to make your Korea trip unforgettable?

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