Enjoy Tradition in Globalization of Central Bangkok

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Thai-bangkok-kauf-siam-centerFrom bangkok krabi we headed to the bus level, over hills and exotic stones in Surathani short break. Bus up in bangkok, out of the bus we were immediately joined a tuk-tuk to find cheap hotels in bangkok. After searching for the location of the hotel in Pratunam and Shumkuvit, we did not find a suitable hotel. Soon we headed khaosan very well known as the backpacker area in bangkok. Here we tried to book a room at Sawasdee yet full, we finally get Rikka-in room at the hotel, located at the end of khaosan. And soon we slept until satisfied because tomorrow we will begin to explore bangkok.

Down the Chao Phraya, Fun

Before we go there, it’s worth buying a map with two languages, namely English and thai at your local bookstore in order not to get lost. With this map guide, we headed straight towards Pier N13 (Phra Arthit Pier). This dock is not visible from the highway because it is hidden behind the cafe.

Arriving at the dock we bought tickets to the final destination is Saphan Thaksin station. Chao Phraya boat cruised at a very wide and has almost like sea waves. The line was very solid as it passes many attractions such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and Chinatown.

Thaksin arrived at the station we went straight to the BTS Sky Train to Siam Centre majors. Once we get straight into Paragon. Navigating to the top floor and down again through the Skywalk to the CentralWorld.

After a satisfying meal and a rest, we’ll get out of Siam Centre passes to the Skywalk is an iconic MBK Bangkok. Once satisfied we immediately intercept tuk-tuk heading to khaosan to enjoy the market and street vendors until late at night.

Charming Heritage visit in Bangkok

The second day in bangkok, we plan to visit some historic places pride Thailand. By boat on the Chao Phraya, we will visit Wat Pho, Wat Arun and the Grand Palace. Prior to khaosan we had visited the National Art Gallery.

Arriving at the dock we jumped into the boat to Tha Thien pier due to visit Wat Pho and the Grand Palace. At the Wat Pho temple you will see a variety of the giant gold-plated Buddha statue. Some are standing, sitting, and of course is the famous Sleeping Buddha (Buddha relining), the largest in the world.

Each entry Wat we have to use polite clothing and footwear release or hat. After eating at the cafe next to the road, the journey continues to the Grand Palace. Grand Palace consists of several well-known buildings such as the Royal Palace and the Emerald Buddha Thailand. In addition, we visited the museum that contains a collection of the king of Thailand, ranging from crowns, weapons, collectibles, photos, souvenirs visits to other countries while accompanied by music typical Thai.

After saturating see Wat, we headed for the dock Thaksin. This is the path Chao Phraya tourist track, in addition to the Tha Thien pier we could go down in the dock Ratchawongse to see chinatown.

Smelling Fragrant Flowers and Incense in Metropolitan

In siam paragon center we headed straight for an early evening meal at the food court. Via the Skywalk, we headed to Four Faces Buddha at the Erawan Mall. Erawan Shrine and Statue of Buddha statue is smaller than in other places, but very crowded because it is said many prayers of the visitors that come true. It’s unique look was a temple in the middle of building a large and modern malls. From Erawan we passed Skywalk towards Pratunam, here we passed a large and luxurious malls like Zen and Isetan.

What’s interesting in Thailand there are also mixing Buddhist and Hindu, perhaps similar to Buddhism in the Majapahit era-Shiva. Because it could be a manifestation of the Buddha at the Erawan like Shiva or Ganesha could be like in the Zen temple near Shopping Mall.

From Isetan us down towards Pratunam Centre to see some good quality stuff. Moreover, seen some sellers of pirated DVDs are sold very cheap. Only THB50 per chip.

On the road looks a stall selling cigarettes that are sold retail or 3 stems wrapped contents. Cigarette sellers near a boat turns toward Banglapoo, Khaosan. The boat drove very fast in river that is not too big but looked full of water so that when met with a boat from the opposite direction then the resulting splash water soaks passengers, very exciting! This boat is called the Khlong San Saeb Boat dock that connects east and west past the creek dock like canals.

Finally we arrived at the dock Phanfah Bridge is a final destination in the region khaosan. From the pier towards khaosan, we passed some heritage places such as Wat Ratchanatda substantial Worawihan with a statue of a figure who was sitting watered glittering lights and Thailand’s Democracy Monument is quite beautiful.

There are no events on Weekends? Let Been to Chatuchak

The last day in Bangkok, the hotel we chose breakfast at 7 Eleven with instant noodles and hot dogs. After that, we immediately intercept tuk-tuk to go to Hua Lamphong station and take the MRT to Chatuchak market. After arriving at the station Kamphaeng Phet we get out there and get into a very crowded market. This market is officially open only on Saturday and Sunday only, on other days it is usually only a few stores were open.

Chatuchak market selling any goods with good quality. Ranging from clothes, souvenirs, ceramics, ornamental plants, pets, and other items. Chatuchak weekend market is a very successful trading center in Southeast Asia. Various people from southeast asia region usually gather here to buy a variety of goods to be brought to their home country.

In the afternoon we were down Khaosan while looking for clothes and other souvenirs undiscovered. Wow crowded at weekend nights here. Many local young people and foreigners are preparing for the party tonight. Unfortunately, we had to immediately return to the hotel and get to Suvarnabhumi Airport, goodbye bangkok

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