Passing Hat Yai, Malaysia-Thailand Border City

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Karst_limestone_in_Nui_Bay,_Ko_Phi_Phi_DonFrom the georgetown we pass butterworth, then across to kedah part by the city of Alor Setar, headed ebony hill and reached the city Dannok to conduct immigration checks. After inspection we travel and stop in Hat Yai.

Looks a towering hotel, we tried to come to Hotel Golden Crown, was full. We searched again and found the Lee Garden Plaza hotel which is the most magnificent buildings. Lee Garden Plaza Hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Hat Yai. With locations in downtown, right on the road and street Prachatipat Sanehanusom.

In front of the hotel many food vendors are very attractive, exciting and enticing. Some foods that can be found here such as shrimp, chicken, sausage, mango sticky rice, coconut and exotic thai. Do not forget to buy longan bangkok very tempting. You can also find a tuk-tuk to take you around Hat Yai.

Before leaving for krabi, we walked down the street next to the hotel, such as Kim Yong Market with a very cheap goods throughout thailand. Many traders melayu, thai and china offering souvenirs and accessories typical of southern thailand. Culinary tourism here is also very diverse as you will find exotic dishes such as bird’s nest, shark fin, and others.

Residents in Hat Yai is very diverse. Such as Malay, thai, china and descent. The city is located in Songkhla province. Although not the capital of the province, Hat Yai is a major city. Here we will find Wat with buddha statue, watching a cabaret show, and other nightlife.

Designing Tourism in Krabi

Our journey now heading to Krabi, before arriving in the city we will pass Khanap Nam Khao which is a stone guard Krabi town. Once in town, we headed to the travel agent to find cheap hotels in Krabi and book a package tour 4 island by boat. Here you can also book tickets Lux Double Decker bus to Bangkok via Surathani which is a nightly double-decker bus package. You can also book tickets cheaper on travel agents such as Ao Nang or Railey beach. Soon we headed Greenery Hotel is located in Mahart protocol, the location is close to the morning market and night market street Chaofa.

Typical Exotic Island Tourism Krabi

Early morning we went straight to the waiting shuttle car roof sheeting and has a logo Barracuda to the Phi-Phi Island. Car drove directly to the beach Ao Nang. After reaching the beach we go straight into a simple boat that had been prepared.
This tour starts heading to the water Tup Island. In the morning you can walk in the middle of the ocean to the other islands that are here. Amazing! In addition to playing water at the beach, for those of you who love to dive. Travel agent has provided free snorkeling equipment and google.

The journey continues around the Chicken Island. You can enjoy the amazing underwater scenery with a variety of corals and fish. You can also throw pieces of bread into a group of fish that was swimming fun. The next goal was Poda Island. Before the fall, everyone on board will get a lunch box with rice content, cah chicken, sauteed vegetables, and eggs. Although simple, but eating it straight out of hunger. On this island we will enjoy the beautiful Poda island while playing water.

Travel back to continue to cave princess or in local language called Phra Nang Cave is surrounded by a large rock that is very beautiful. Here you will find a lot of foreigners sunbathing on the beach and a lot of people are busy swimming is also playing at the beach.

Exploring Krabi Town

After returning from the tour of the island, we immediately use the opportunity to explore the market. Here you will enjoy a delicious durian typical krabi while sitting in the park Maharat Road adjacent to the edge of the river dock krabi. Next we walked to the biggest mall in Krabi. We see various types of goods and prices. Once considered, the price is relatively more expensive clothes than the price for the same outfit in Hat Yai. But Dairy Queen ice cream here is very cheap compared to other Southeast Asian countries. Very enjoyable holiday in Krabi, especially with a very affordable price. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and taste the culinary people also buy souvenirs at bargain prices.

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