Cheap Travel Tour to the Place and Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

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KL_Tower_Kualalumpur_Malaysia_(3)for the first day in Malaysia, we have no plans to actually complete. Clearly we have got the hotel, to the Petronas twin towers, trying various means of transportation, and look for information to precarious for the next day.
It was still dark, at 4 we have arrived at Puduraya Terminal, Terminal still not open, so the bus stopped on the highway pretty close to the terminal. Of information on the internet backpacker, terminal in malaysia is quite safe, so we were not too worried hearts. Moreover, the situation in front of the terminal is quite crowded, lined with budget hotels, guest houses, internet cafes, and restaurants. There is also a fairly large hotel and the citin Pudu hotel which together with the terminal building.

To search for an appropriate hotel and waited for dawn, then we look for a place to rest that is used to relax a while. Just across the street there are two pretty good places to eat. The first tavern nasi lemak and the second KFC restaurant that is not too big. We chose to rest at KFC. Here we ordered the food package is priced at MYR10 and drinks MYR2-3.
After 1 hour at KFC and spent MYR40, the light did not come. Here apparently was still dark at 5 o’clock. No wonder they like hours 5 hours 4, because it never light, we tried to find a hotel room.

Looking for a great room for a minimum of 3 people and can directly check-in in the morning was not easy. In citin hotel, best hotel in front of the terminal, available empty room, but we had to take 2 rooms and check-in at 2 pm. While a number of guest houses and small hotels in the terminal only provide a small room with less than satisfactory conditions. The help of a guest house receptionist, our dkenalkan with a lot of agents who operate around Pudu.

Finally we agreed to transfer the agent with his old car to the Swiss hotel on Jl. Tuanku Abdul Rahman Masjid Jamek station and independent plains. The hotel is not very popular but very strategic location.
Usually tourists in Kuala Lumpur will be advised to stay in Bukit Bintang or Chinatown Petaling. With our transfer agent managed to check in at the Hotel Swiss clock 5, the price for a triple room only MYR148. The hotel is quite nice, spacious and clean. Especially its scenery. Very nice, from hotel window we could see the UMNO building, free land, and the Sri Petaling LRT train overpass.

We wake up at 11 o’clock, we immediately prepared for the city tour with the main objective KLCC twin towers. Armed with a map of the MRT / LRT Kuala Lumpur obtained from the internet, we walk to the MRT station Jamek mosque. We along Jalan Tun Perak, past the elegant Jamek mosque in india strong geometric architecture. While on the highway lane drifting to the Sky Train.

Alight at KLCC station, we immediately petronas tower to get around. After being around petronas towers. We immediately went down and headed to the mall which is located at the bottom of the culinary Petronas for taste is there. In the food court offers an abundance of local culinary tastes like nasi kandar, nasi lemak, nasi campur, nasi padang, a variety of noodles, inda cuisine, and so on. Food prices here are relatively cheap with a fairly modern atmosphere. There was also a pity that passed the Petrosains Space which contains educate about the world of aeronautics and astronomy with various props modern and attractive.

Driving around Bukit Bintang area in Kuala Lumpur Bustling Backpacker

After it was afternoon, we returned to the KLCC station. Because they want to try the monorail, we climbed to the Kelana Jaya LRT Dang Wangi purpose. Having arrived at the Dang Wangi station, we then moved to the hill station Monoral pineapple. The station is under the Bukit Nanas forest protected the city center, home to the KL Tower. Second highest after the Petronas Towers. From the tower we could see a 360 degree view of the entire city, there is also a revolving restaurant there. Some say, the view from here is better than Petronas.

In this station we boarded-Titiwangsa Sentral KL Monorail from KL Sentral to Bukit Nanas. Unlike the Sri Petaling LRT, monorail only consists of one long train and connect a place not too far in the KL Sentral. Next we return again to the Bukit Bintang monorail ride, we saw some Rapid KL buses that normally would take passengers around the city in a day.

Right in Bukit station, we walked on the Star Walk, a bustling backpacker area and fun. Here we had snack sandwich at Subway restaurant, we ordered a pack of the 40 cm long bread with salami and vegetable content of the solid. We had entered the Low Yat Plaza, here you will find a variety of interesting items at very cheap prices. Outside the plaza food hawker who held a lot of tables. We try hawker food china most crowded. Here we sampled chicken porridge, noodles and fried rice variety.

Save Passing Genting and toured Chinatown

We walk to Pudu Raya terminal. Arriving at the bus terminal we bought tickets to the grave with the details of the route Puduraya bus ticket – Gohtong terminal and ticket Jaya Genting Sky Way Gohtong Jaya to Genting Highland.
Buses depart to the precarious through the eastern part of KL, bus passes Cavesyang famous stone temples. In front of the temple looks giant golden statue of the god, and finally we arrived at the terminal Gohtong Jaya.

Using our elevator ride to the terminal Sky Way. Travel time is approximately 20 minutes cable car with wide views of the tropical forests in the hilly land. The train stopped at the station precarious, we headed out of the station Outdoor Theme Park. Finished playing in our outdoor theme park precarious immediately headed to the Indoor theme park because the atmosphere is very cold and rainy outside. Here there are a variety of rides like ripley museum, haunted house and adventure, as well as 4D theater, after that we get into the Casino de Genting which was contained in the First World Hotel BUILDING. Night has arrived, we immediately went to Kuala Lumpur.

After arriving in KL turns us down in Chinatown. Here we toured while tasting meatballs in beef noodle hawker food and buy bebeberapa jerseys for souvenir. We passed the Central Market which contains a variety of stalls selling a variety of souvenirs, art good quality, and very reasonably priced. Here we had to buy a key chain and a local chocolate is pretty good.

We passed a bustling independent plains studded decorative lights at night. In the central plain malaysia flag free standing building overlooking the Sultan Abdul Samad Building architectural style moor. In the distance loomed the Twin Towers and KL Tower which is not less bright.

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