Buy Cheap Stockholm Souvenirs in Vasterlanggatan & Drottninggatan

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VästerlånggatanSouvenirs of Sweden’s most sought after by tourists is the statue Dala Horse. Traditional wooden sculpture carved and painted this originally came from the province of Dalarna in Sweden. It is said that in the long winter a wooden cutter making toys for children. With simple tools he carved out a small toy with a shape like a horse. When the horse is considered very valuable because in addition to being a place of trust is also an accomplished workers to ease human task.

Of the reasons it is not surprising that horses are often used as models for the toy. If in ancient times Dala Horse often used as children’s toys, now Dala Horse was transformed into a symbol of Dalarna province, even a symbol of Sweden. The tourists usually touched to hear people’s stories and instantly liked the Dala Horse that looks so cute. However, it was so well-known, valuable Dala Horse is very expensive. You must be willing to spend money for a statue almost 60SEK Dala Horse as high as 3 cm.

Dala Horse sculpture prices will continue to rise according to size, 69SEK to 5 cm in size, 89SEK to measure 7 cm, and 10 cm 119SEK to size. going in and out all the souvenir shops there in Stockholm also remain the same price. It seems like all the stores that have agreed to set prices Dala horse.

Another distinctive icon from Sweden are trolls, elk, Viking, and moose. Vikings and trolls usually appear in the form of miniature sculpture. To captivate tourists, Viking and troll statue made more friendly than the original character. Meanwhile, moose and elk usually appear in the form of dolls. Price troll sculptures ranging from 19, 29, and 59SEK, while stuffed moose or elk between 39 to 79SEK. Souvenir key chain with Swedish flags or stuffed moose ranging from between 19 to 59SEK.

There are many souvenir shops along Drottninggatan or Vasterlanggatan who are in Gamla Stan alley. The price offered souvenir shop in Drottninggatan cheaper than AT Vasterlanggatan, so better focus on Drottninggatan for souvenir shopping.

Use Tax Free Shopping Advantages in Stockholm

The shopaholic can save expenditure by using Global Blue Tax Free Shopping. By shopping in stores that put up the Global Blue logo then we can get the tax free. Here’s how

1. Ask the Tax Refund Cheque to the officers when we pay. Officers usually ask for your passport and return ticket print to make sure that we were tourists and not locals. Minimum expenditure to be able to get the tax free this is 200SEK but every country has a different policy spending minimum.

2. We will leave the country bring goods shopping, payment receipt and passport to the Customs officer and asked for a stamp on Tax Refund Cheques yours.

3. Then, take a Tax Refund Cheque stamped and passport officers to Global Blue. Usually they have an office in every international airport system that applies Global Blue Tax Free Shopping. Officers will refund the tax in cash or credited back to your credit card number. Good luck for cheap shopping and fun with Global Blue Tax Free Shopping.

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