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Singapore has barely opened the worlds largest aquarium, ocean aquarium, and that is located at resort world sentosa. besides will see the lovely fish swim, you’ll too sleep with him or her. along in the opening of ocean aquarium, resorts world sentosa can be opening a brand new hotel space that allows that you definitely sleep and shower whereas staring at the fish swimming. a total of 11 air-ocean read suites opened within the resort and that is located in sentosa island, as quoted huffingtonpost, saturday ( 12/15/2012 ).

The rooms facing directly onto the ocean aquarium offers 5 star hotel facilities and a sight to view the fish within the worlds largest aquarium full. in the space and within the bathroom this hotel are translucent acrylic panels that leads directly onto the aquarium and therefore the fish perceived to swim. in fact, these luxurious rooms have high rates for all those who wish to lie in it. in one night, you will certainly be charged a fee of US$2000 ! though, it’s certainly worth the expertise you gain, sleep and shower whereas staring at the lovely ocean views from a little more than 100 thousand species of marine animals in it.

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