Hermitage Museum and Gardens in St. Petersburg

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Hermitage_Museum_001The palace is exactly in the middle of the City of St. Petersburg is a part of the royal palace that deliberately to break in the winter. Here the king’s collection of paintings exhibited in the past. Almost all of the world-renowned painter nicks are available, ranging from Leonardo Da Vinci, entitled Madonna, Matisse with the Dance, and Rembrant with Danae. Not only that, painting the walls, generally located in the ceiling of the building and various sculptures and jewelry is one of the best in the world. Not surprisingly, this palace is a museum that is priceless, parallel to the Musee de Lovre in Paris.

Hermitage Museum History

Initially, the Hermitage Museum is only a portion of the existing palace. The museum is a part that is prepared by the Empress Ekaterina as a private apartment for contemplation. this is where the queen alone, to think hard to find solutions for the advancement of the nation, in the midst of an incredible painting variety. He said, just a mouse and I could admire all of these

During the reign of Russia, the queen who came from Germany’s conduct tirelessly hunting paintings from around the globe. He did not even hesitate to buy the painting masterpieces owned by renowned galleries. Gallery is complete and fulfilled painting museum in 1770, which was then fitted with the other parts, the Hermitage Theatre.

Furthermore, not only the Hermitage Museum has a collection of artists working result from royal era, but is also equipped with all the art objects owned by Russia during the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik Revolution, which is displayed in more than 400 rooms. If tourists enjoy one object in one minute, then you will certainly need a few years to see the entire collection in the Hermitage.

Various art complements the beauty of the Hermitage Museum is expected to reach three million items. Ranging from paintings, furniture with a variety of models, sculptures, porcelain, eating equipment, silver, lustry, and various vases. Even a collection of paintings in this place can be said to be the most of any other museum in the world. Not only that, Hermitage museum also features a collection of Egyptian relics. Various sphinx, mummies, and other collections placed in the ground floor hall east part of the Winter Palace.

Other Hermitage Museum’s collection is very famous peacock clock. This clock was made in England for three years with the hope of becoming one of the most valuable in the Hermitage. The giant clock arrives at St. Petersburg in 1781 is still in the form of separate components and then assembled by a russian mechanic named Ivan Kubilin. Starting in 1979 until now, this time an interesting attraction in the museum.

If entering the Hermitage Museum, do not bring any suspicious objects such as lighters, knives, and other. tourists are not allowed to bring large bags, such as backpacks and similar stuff. The goods must be deposited at the daycare downstairs goods including winter coats. This is because to protect the art collection of the museum of the hands of ignorant irresponsible visitors.

According to records, on June 15, 1985, a visitor could damage Rembrand painting, Danae, which hung in the museum by way of splashing chemicals and ripping painting by knife. To fix the painting required high skills, a lot of funds, and the time for 12 years. Now you can enjoy the beauty of the painting.

Finally, in July 2006, as many as 221 Hermitage Museum announces art collection including silver collection, jewelry, Orthodox icons, and other valuables have been stolen. Losses estimated at U.S. $ 543,000. Only in late 2006 some missing items were found.

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Hermitage Museum is open every day except Sunday from 10.30 am until late afternoon. Hermitage Museum admission price of 350 rubles. Free for children and students. To be able to reach the Hermitage Museum, you must be out in the metro last Nevsky Prospect riding awtobus number 10 and 1.

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