Tokyo Adult Paradise, Meet Sexy Waitress Robot in Kabukicho Restaurant

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Sexy_hogwarts_and_anime_girlsTokyo has several ways to firmly bring in tourists. robot restaurant in kabukicho, a traveller could be greeted from the waitress and sexy robots. they will are prepared swing to firmly accompany your dinner. interested ?

One of one’s favorite destinations traveller in japan is tokyo. diverse magnificent mall, town park, till you might want to visit the historic sites here. not solely that, tokyo additionally possesses a restaurant utilizing a robot servant !

Culinary tour you may feel totally different when visiting kabukicho robot restaurant. reporting from atlas obsurca, friday, this restaurant is located in kabukicho, shinjuku, tokyo.

Kabukicho robot restaurant additionally possesses a totally different look in the different restaurants. upon getting into the restaurant, decoration varied colorful bulb lightweight, dim lightweight, and of course the sound of loud stomping music to firmly welcome your arrival. it feels, like getting into a nightclub alone.

After that, there was one giant room utilizing a dining table row upon the left and right. dining table isn’t too big and of course the location of each one adjacent stool. middle left roll and blank.

The waiter then serves bento boxes, japanese food and drinks. then, the long-awaited show began. lightweight show to firmly be section of the opening. plus sound and the beat of disco pop music, the atmosphere became a lot of festive.

Before long, all the most sudden came the big robots. type is just like a robot maid sexy ! high as 5 meters, has solely half the load and using bikini. every robot possesses a totally different look, there might be red-haired, blonde, till pink.

The robot is controlled from the pretty girl upon the front of body. there might be buttons and tool for moving the robots management. instantly, the robot will talk, blink, to firmly waving. solely the not just the look, the visitors will additionally management the robot. fun !

Not merely robots, however there is additionally a show of beautiful women. they’d waddle in front of your utilizing use a super sexy dress. they will do marching band performances, cabaret, dance in the accompaniment of modern r & b or pop songs. whew !

Kabukicho robot restaurant is open every evening at 18 :00 native time till 23 :00 native time. sexy robots and different performances take place 3 times and about 60 minutes per show.

Got wind of prices around 4, 000 yen or about US$ 40 to reach and then determine the show the sexy robot. throughout the show, you can free to get pictures and take pictures in it. remember, solely visitors within the age of 18 years are allowed in here.

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