This Airline Assigning Random Seats to Encourage Seat Selection Sales

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This English airline’s got some explaining to do! They’re being called out for playing dirty with seat assignments on their flights. Word on the street is, they’re splitting up groups of travelers on purpose so folks fork out extra for their favorite seats.

According to the Daily Star on Sunday (3/3/2024), even Spain’s not having it. The Matador country’s pushing for an end to this dodgy seat policy, where passengers gotta cough up more dough just to sit together.

As per BirminghamLive, the airline’s getting heat for breaking up friend groups and slapping on extra charges for folks who want to buddy up.

This rule’s been grinding British tourists’ gears for ages ’cause there’s no guarantee other passengers will swap seats.

Now, the European Parliament Petitions Committee’s stepping in to suss out the situation. They’re looking into complaints about airlines randomly assigning seats and making travelers pay extra just to sit next to their pals.

But here’s the kicker: changing this policy might mean bumping up the ticket prices.

The whole thing kicked off when Alfonso, prez of the Balearic Islands consumer gang, called foul play. He’s saying families are getting stung, shelling out between £17 and £34 a pop just to sit together.

And get this, if kids aged 13 or 14 end up sitting solo far from their folks, it could turn into a real hassle for flight attendants dealing with angry passengers. Plus, it ain’t exactly safe, is it?

A spokesperson for the European Commission said the Petitions Committee’s gonna look into it. But, they’re waiting on the European Commission to lay down some new rules.

“Spot on! This whole divvying up prices game is getting out of hand. They’re charging for every little thing now, from where you sit to your snacks and drinks. Next thing you know, they’ll charge you just to crack a smile,” said the spokesperson to Spanish News Today.

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