The Seville Metropol Parasol

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Throughometropol-parasolut a visit to actually the town of seville, spain, tourist eyes certainly will not be separated due to metropol parasol. it will be the largest picket building daily life and of course the coolest, towering as high as 26 meters, shaped big mushrooms !

Metropol parasol is located in la encarnacion square, right within the previous town seville, spain. from amusing planet, a big mushroom-shaped building was designed by german architect jurgen mayer-hermann named.

Simply imagine, tourists are faced with picket buildings as high as 26 feet, by having length of 150 meters and width of 70 meters. no wonder metropol parasol is touted like the largest picket building daily life. metropol parasol is additionally called the las setas de la encarnacion.

This may be a sensible step by your government of seville. previously, plaza de la encarnacion metropol parasol may be a location used currently being a car parking zone for years. the existence with this place was abandoned among different sights within the town of seville.

However now, metropol parasol become one in all the places that needs to be visited by your traveler. the building was impressed by your domes of cathedral of seville embrace markets, outlets, concert venues also. within the basement there’s antiquarium, a museum displaying relics of roman and moorish nation.

The highest of metropol parasol will additionally visit you will know ! there might be terraces that offer panoramic views over seville town, additionally a fun restaurant for lunch or dinner. this restaurant is definitely place that serves one of the best panoramic seville town.

photo by : Andreas Hartmann/Flickr

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