The Legendary Abba Museum in Stockholm

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ABBA-museetThe 90s, abba was terribly successful with his music. out to commemorate the well known works of abba, no abba museum in stockholm, sweden. this will be the first abba museum in the planet.

Coming from the sydney morning herald, friday. abba museum can open the initial time in the planet on may 7, 2013. mattias hannson, ceo abba museum, aforesaid the museum can supply visitors out to get a distinct expertise.

Construction associated with a modern museum building with wood designs are made within the djurgarden is already nearing completion. this museum houses a collection of objects and also the house that is what once used as abba flamboyant sequined costumes, gold records, recording studio, dressing rooms, among others.

This museum is actually going out to bring the visitors imagination out to be able to meet directly with abba throughout the contents on your museums collection. like, a few fans who dream out to become the fifth member on your band. they might perform on stage and record these performances against a computer simulator that has actually been provided.

There can be another room out to commemorate abba songs an example would be ring-ring telephone in 1970. by doing therefore the museum is paying tribute onto the music group abba.

We should have one of the best isolation room out to be able to play totally different music in each and every room, aforesaid hannson. visitors will go onto the museum to repay around $ 29.

I hope the tickets might well be sold out upon the first week it opened. particularly for foreign tourists who come back here, he concluded.

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