Between Lake and Ocean in Aceh

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Laut_Tawar_LakeThere’s a uniqueness that traveller will see in takengon, aceh. there’s a vast lake and most definitely has a really calm water surface. not surprisingly, folks known as it as lake laut tawar. need to see ?

Not merely in regards to the history or culture, aceh conjointly has abundant natural resources. additionally onto the gunung leuser national park, aceh conjointly has got the famous lake laut tawar. the lake is known regarding the breadth the most ocean !

Direct from official website of tourism asiafreetravel visited indonesia, tuesday, ocean freshwater lake located east of one’s town of takengon, aceh. the lake has an space of approximately 5, 000 hectares. this is that the largest lake within the whole province of aceh.

Anyone who saw the lake immediate undoubtedly amazed. expanse of blue water and tranquil welcome the traveller upon arrival. not merely that, inside the banks of one’s lake-edge appearance high green hills. cool !

For anyone of your who love photography, take away the camera. take photos of each and every corner of one’s lake beauty. the combination of green hills and water that beer is that the main attraction. not to firmly mention clouds blanketing fog. excellent !

Air in lake laut tawar pretty cool. not surprisingly, takengon itself is within the whole plateau region. prepare your jacket or another warmers to firmly keep warm. satisfied photographing, now’s the time to firmly explore lake laut tawar. you’ll be able to attempt to firmly ride a rubber boat or maybe a boat to firmly explore the vast majority of lake laut tawar. it prices around usd 1.5-2.5 per person. depending in how you bid.

An extra issue you must do when visiting lake laut tawar may be a tasting fish depik. is small, although it’s guaranteed addictive. this is that the merely fish will be that might be found merely in lake laut tawar. if every day isn’t enough to firmly enjoy lake laut tawar, there will be many lodging not off from the lake that you’ll be able to occupy. morning till the afternoon, guaranteed not as being bored when travel onto the lake laut tawar.

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