St. Petersburg Hotels and Accommodation

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Photo : Artyom Ward/Wikimedia
Photo : Artyom Ward/Wikimedia

As in City of Moscow, in St. Petersburg is also quite expensive. For the three-star hotel, the price per night stay around U.S. $ 125. For four-star hotel, rental price per room per night approximately U.S. $ 300. For international hotel bedroom rents are often put at U.S. $ 600 per night. In the holiday season, all hotels are expensive are usually already fully booked.

It is unique in St. Petersburg, in various star hotels, City of St. Petersburg gives the possibility to the backpackers. Hostels are located in different places, there are in the city center such as at the Nevsky Prospect, there is also a little on the outskirts of the city.

Cheap St. Petersburg Hostel

Travelers who visit this city can easily access a variety of hostels in St. Petersburg by way of searching on the internet. Simply write cheap Hostel in St. Petersburg, will appear the data hostels along with the names and contacts. Usually they can provide visa support, booking via the internet, and accept credit cards. While bringing the family, usually distinguished between male and female rooms.

One of the cheap hostels is St. Apple Hostel Petersburg is situated on the edge of the Nevsky Prospect, the main street of town. Here, guests are provided with board, towels, furniture, and wifi. Based on experience, one room contains 8 people, then each person lodging cost 600 rubles, or about U.S. $ 20. Pretty cheap for backpackers.

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