Hiking in Mount Floyen and Riding Funicular

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photo by Svein-Magne Tunli
photo by Svein-Magne Tunli

Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains dear beautiful to pass up. Frequently climbed mountains and used as a tourist destination and Mount Ulriken Mariakirken are still located in the city center and offers various facilities for tourists to reach the top of the mountain. Ulrkien has a cable car mountain, while Mariakirken equipped with facilities or the funicular railway, both spacecraft can bring tourists directly to the top of the mountains. You can get to the top of the mountain without having tired and weary climb.

Funicular to Mount Floyen located just behind Bryggen. So after enjoying the charm of Bryggen, tourists can go directly permeates Bergen scenery, the clock is past the six figures when many tourists come to the funicular station, fortunately summer they extended office hour until 23.00. officers so travelers will receive the ticket process Bergen Card. Using the funicular ticket price is 70 NOK sebsar and 35 NOK for a single trip. Bergen Card users can get a discount of 50% of the full ticket price.

If you want to taste the experience of hiking in Mariakirken, but do not want to be too tired, you can use the funicular to the top of the mountain and hiking to the peak Floyen Funicular station. A wide selection of hiking tracks have been provided with a view of the forest and the river main along the way.

If your funicular ticket has been processed, the ticket is shaped like a magnetic card with a barcode on the card edge. To get into the station simply put the card on top of the available sensors and the door will open automatically. The most appropriate place to enjoy the scenery along the funicular apparently located at the end of the bench or bottom as the train began to move upwards. Perhaps you will remember the experience of riding the elevator in Holmenkollen, Oslo, funicular is also moving sideways Mariakirken contour, higher and higher, and your feet will float as if on rails. who would have thought this funicular ride travelers are able to make the heart beat faster.

Pine forests began to be seen on the right side, while the houses seen on the left side. Maybe people here would have been very happy hiking therefore they get home to make this height. meanwhile, the city of Bergen started terihat smaller until finally the city landscape can be seen clearly. Train to the top of the mountains. From a height of 320 meters above the sea like the legs will feel weak and difficult to get out of the train.

in part Mariakirken that deliberately terraces and spacious enough so that tourists can see the whole view of the City of Bergen as the sea, islands, mountains are deserted by the inhabitants, Centum is packed with a variety of buildings, and the sky was overcast that looked close to the top of the mountain. Clear day, the view at the top there will be full bright natural colors that form a beautiful union with shades of sky from light blue to dark blue when it hits the land boundary, reflective waters that exist in the home, green forest brings fresh fragrance pine to various parts, plus a view of the city center was busy in between this handsome scenery.

Than a place to sit enjoy the view, there is also a restaurant and souvenir shop at the top of Mariakirken. The price of food in this restaurant is definitely expensive, but for the price of souvenirs in this place not unlike existing stores in Bryggen. From the summit of Mount Floyen, visitors can go hiking to other areas around Floyen and closer acquainted with the woods and lakes surrounding the area. if you come to Floyen at noon, you definitely will not miss the opportunity treading the panoramic beauty of nature here.

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