Book Your Umrah and Pilgrimage on Nusuk, The Official Saudi Arabia’s Apps and Website

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Hey there, folks! Guess what? Planning your Umrah journey just got a whole lot easier, all thanks to the Nusuk website – Saudi Arabia’s official Umrah service app. This nifty platform is here to make your pilgrimage to Mecca, Medina, and other Saudi regions a breeze, no matter where you’re from.

According to Gulf News, pilgrims from every corner of the globe can now sort out their entire trip right from their screens – from snagging those e-Visas to scoring sweet deals on hotels and flights, and even requesting visits to the raudhah.

And get this – when you hop onto the Nusuk website, you’ll find Umrah packages for every budget. Want the wallet-friendly option? Bright for Umrah’s got you covered with packages starting at around 750 riyals per person. That’ll hook you up with a visa, a cozy 5-day hotel stay, rides from the airport in a group, insurance that’s got you covered, and even transportation to Masjid al-Haram if you’re staying at select hotels.

Now, if you’re feeling a bit fancy and willing to splurge, you might wanna check out the top-tier package, which can set you back up to 6500 riyals. Yep, that’s the one from Basma Emaar Group for Umrah Services. With this VIP deal, you’re in for some serious pampering – think special rooms in the hotel just for you, along with that visa, VIP airport transportation, and top-notch insurance.

Mecca Holy Sites and Attraction

  1. Jamarat
  2. Namirah Mosque
  3. Muzdalifah
  4. Arafah
  5. Mina
  6. The Mashaer Train
  7. Makkah Clock Royal Tower
  8. Zamzam
  9. Aisha Al-Raji Mosque
  10. Al-Khaif Mosque
  11. Aishah Mosque
  12. Hira Cultural District
  13. Thawr Mount and Cave
  14. Makkah Airport
  15. Jabal An-Noor
  16. Hira Cave
  17. Jabal An-Noor
  18. Souk Al-Khalil
  19. Souk Al Diyafa
  20. Makkah Mall

Mecca Accomodation

  • Voco Makkah
  • Makkah Al Aziziah
  • Guest House Hotel
  • Midan Hotel
  • Elaf Kinda Hotel
  • Hajar Tower Hotel Movenpick
  • Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency
  • Conrad
  • Swissotel Makkah
  • Hilton Suites
  • Continental Dar Al Tawhid
  • Fairmont Hotel Makkah
  • Raffles Palace Makkah
  • Al Safwah Hotel

Medina Attraction and Holy Sites

  • Al-Munakhah Market
  • Al-Ainiyah Market
  • Al-Manar Mall
  • Prophet Mosque
  • King Fahd Central Park
  • Madinah Orchards
  • Al Rashid Mega Mall
  • Al-Aqiq Valley
  • Hejazy Railway Madina Museum
  • Dar Al-Madina Museum of Urban
  • King Fahd Holy Quran Printing Complex
  • Quba Walkway
  • Al Noor Mall
  • Al Ijabah Mosque
  • Ali bin Abi Talib Mosque
  • Omar bin Al-Khattab Mosque
  • Abu Bakr As-Siddiq Mosque
  • Aliat Mall
  • The Seven Mosque
  • Al-Ghamamah Al-Musalla Mosque
  • Al-Qiblatain Mosque
  • Madina Arhers Mountain
  • Uhud Martyrs Cemetery
  • Mount Uhud
  • Al-Baqi Cemetery
  • Quba Mosque
  • Haramain Express
  • Madinah Airport

Medina Accomodation

  • Millennium Madina Airport Hotel
  • Rua Al Hijrah
  • New Madina Hotel
  • InterContinental – Dar Al Hijra
  • Crowne Plaza Madina
  • InterContinental – Dar Al Iman
  • Frontel Harithia
  • Millennium Al Aqeeq Hotel
  • Marriott Executive Apartments

Nusuk Providers Partners

  • Sufara Al Hijaz
  • Golden Service
  • Manabir
  • Abdulrahman Al Ruheely
  • AAmal AlHijaziyyah
  • Almatar
  • Manazil Al Mukhtara
  • Deira Tours
  • Najd Group CO
  • Bin Khatlah Tourism Company
  • Manahel Alkhair
  • Rich Experience
  • AlUla Tours Company
  • Travel Leaders
  • Muhrat Bakkah
  • Experts Seven
  • Golden Sky Co Ltd
  • Global Club
  • Dar AlManasek
  • Tawtid Company
  • Bright
  • Qafilat Altawhid
  • Basma Emaar Group
  • visit KSA
  • Safir
  • Funadiq
  • Zamzam
  • Mahatat Al Alam
  • Zowar
  • Tasheer
  • Mawasim
  • Hulool
  • Umrahtrip
  • umrahme
  • flynas
  • myhotels
  • Rehal
  • Umrahpro
  • Omrah Gate
  • Hotel Gate
  • Go Umrah
  • Tripshop
  • Travel Softtech
  • b2b holdays
  • umrahtech
  • almoatamer

And let’s talk about convenience – the digital revolution has totally changed the game for Umrah. Now, almost every step of the process is done online. So, whether you’re a tech whiz or just getting started, you can access all the services you need right from your phone. Easy peasy!

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