Riding Kayaking in Bali

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Kayaking_adventureKayaking is an exciting water sport. This game uses a boat or kayak and paddle driven. This game can you do in rivers, seas, and lakes.

In Bali, there are three types of kayaks are rented for fans of this game. There are for themselves, for couples, some are for the three of us.

The enjoyment of kayaking is that you can enjoy the beach or lake with ease. You can fill in your own rhythm. Meanwhile, if you do this activities in rivers with heavy current, you will get a great sensation in an exciting adventure.

Kayaking location to play in Bali located in Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, Lovina. If you want to play kayaking on the lake, you can visit Bedugul and Lake Batur in Tamblingan. Or if you want to play Kayakng in the river, you can visit the Ayung River.

Not too expensive cost should you spend to be able to play kayaking. To rent a kayak on the beach or at the lake, you just need to spend money for Rp50000. Unless you want to play on the Ayung River kayaking, you have to pay a fee of U.S. $ 66 per person. The price includes pick-up, safety equipment, showers with hot water, towels, locker room, and lunch buffet.

Kayaking Playing Tips

There are two kinds of paddling in the kayaking paddle paddle forward and backward. If you want the boat to move forward, backward paddle movement. Conversely, if you want to reverse or stop the boat, paddles forward movement. If you want to turn right, forward paddle on the left side. Vice versa if you want to turn left.

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