Stunning Sea Walker in Bali

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diver_walks_across_the_seabedOnce the ocean floor like walking on land ? If not, just try sea walker. Only in Indonesia this vehicle is in Bali. During the walk on the ocean floor, just head you are protected with a special water-resistant helmet. Inside the helmet there is a hose that is connected to the base of oxygen up there.

Through this vehicle for 15 minutes you can play with the fish or other marine animals. In order not difficult, of course you were given a training crash before delving into the seabed.

after registration, insurance signature form, and make a payment, you are welcome to change swimsuits. After that an instructor will demonstrate how to dive sea walker. Moments in the underwater will inform you of safety jackets and a pair of special shoes for walking in the seabed.

Furthermore, the speed boat you will be taken to a special barge located approximately 500 meters from the shore. Before you get down to the bottom of the sea, you will be given a special helmet to wear. Helmet shape is similar to the helmet worn astronauts in space.

Once ready, along with other participants you will be guided to plunge into the sea. On the seabed, two local underwater continue to guide you. Usually you will be given a long steel rod as a tool so that you can still join one another.

Furthermore, you can get acquainted with fish and pose with them. Specialized underwater digital cameras are always prepared to capture the moment that the manager will not be forgotten.

Locations for Bali Sea Walker found in Tanjung Benoa and Sanur. Prices for domestic travelers from Rp500000 charged per 15 minutes.


If you have any problems with the heart, lungs, asthma, pregnant, or are in recovery from ill treatment. Should not do this recreation.

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