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Bali_Barat_mangrovesBali west is an area rarely visited by foreign tourists. however, here you will find interesting sights and away from the crowds. These are some of the interesting places that can be a reference for you in choosing an appropriate sights

Bunut Bolong

Bunut Bolong is a tree that grows bunut just above the asphalt road. Bunut earrings are plant species that can be grown. Bunut tree this one is unique, in the middle there is a hole with this bunut wide asphalt road. Large buses can pass under this tree. Bunut sebagain Bolong than natural plants, also has a magical value according to public confidence. On the front and south Bunut Bolong there is a sacred place like a temple known as the poet Sakti.

Bunut Bolong located in the mountainous area, including Village area Manggisari, Pekutatan. To achieve Bunut Bolong. You must be a distance of about 86 kilometers from Denpasar. The distance you can use a car or motorcycle mileage.

Although Bunut Bolong has tourist charm, means that support is still inadequate. Parking lot, restrooms, restaurant, souvenir kiosks, and lodging are not yet available.


Natural scenery is very beautiful beach, especially at sunset. Of the beach that has been given back, visitors can sit while menikati the waves. Easy to reach this Medewi Beach. Located only about 100 meters from the highway Denpasar towards Gilimanuk. Ie in sub Pekutatan. All public transport Denpasar – Jembrana definitely pass this beach. On the way to Medewi you will find a paddy field on the waterfront.

Accommodation and Amenities at Beach Medewi

On the beach there medew have their hotels, restaurants, parking lots, swimming pools, and public showers. Medewi beach like other beaches in Bali are also promising attraction for visitors.

Pura Purancak

Purancak location approximately 10 kilometers southwest of Tegalcangkring. From Denpasar you have to cover a distance of approximately 96 kilometers following the path of the king of Denpasar to Gilimanuk. Purancak is the southern part of the West Bali. At the west end of the village of Pura Purancak Purancak artifacts. Temple facing west with panoramic views over the length and width Purancak with the flow of water is very calm. Across the river were fields with few trees beach. Approximately 250 meters to the south of Pura Purancak unfolds Lautang blue, and looks far across the ocean looks islands of Java. While on the right, looks traditional house juts into the sea in between the rows of palm trees.

Pura Rambut Siwi

Pura Rambut Siwi Embang located in the village of Eze, east of the City State. With a distance of about 18 kilometers. If you depart from Kuta, you have to cover a distance of 88 kilometers. This location can be reached by all types of vehicles and has ample parking space.

The origin of Pura Hair Siwi Danghyang Tatwa listed in ejection. The existence of this temple is very linked to the mythology of the arrival of Dang Hyang MPU Nirartha from East Java to Bali in 1411 Çaka. When MPU Dang Hyang Nirartha to Bali, one of the temple which is visited Pura Hair Siwi. When he entered the temple, the temple guards told MPU Dang Hyang Nirartha pray in the temple. If not, he will be torn to pieces by the tiger.

Therefore, he did pray in the temple. The temple turns out to be destroyed. Seeing that, the temple guards finally apologize to Dang Hyang Nirartha MPU. In addition, the temple guards ask that the temple was restored to its original state. With supernatural powers Dang Hyang Nirartha MPU, pretending it back in one piece. Then MPU Dang Hyang Nirartha take a strand of hair and put him in the temple as a means of worship. Since the temple is known as Pura Hair Siwi.

Pura Rambut Siwi located on the southern coast of the western part of the island of Bali, about 200 meters from the highway Denpasar towards Gilimanuk. It is easy to reach by any vehicle. Visit the best time is in the afternoon before sunset.

West Bali National Park

West Bali National Park is a landscape with a wide 77162.5 hectares. West Bali National Park meruakan protection and nature conservation area which has a variety of animals, plants, and the whole ecosystem here.

Animals that are typical in this region is white Bali starling or leuoeopsar rhotsehildi and bull or boss javanicus. Khasyang plant species grown in this region are small brown or Manilkara kooki and palm or Borassus flellifer.

Some areas in these forests is limited recreational objects, such as the Gulf Accept, Micro Wave Relay Station Klatakan, and Sumberrejo.

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