Picnic Fun Activity

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Saturday Sunday off? Can read books, play games, play internet. Do not forget, Saturday week’s time we gather with family. exclaimed one of the activities is a picnic.

The term comes from the European Picnic, ie, from the French word pique and nique. Pique Nique it means and means taking small objects. First, the term used to refer to activities picnic meal together. Every person who took the meal that brings food respectively. Later, it was gathered fresh food eaten together. If now, means more picnic meal together outdoors

Picnic Tips
Always Bring Water Resistant to Sit. The grass is usually wet and humid. Therefore, we need a base that is impermeable to water. On top of it, then we coat it with mats or tablecloths.

Bringing Simple Food
Picnic without food? not a picnic that name? The most fun we bring simple foods like sandwiches, fruit, or ice cream. Strawberry-flavored ice cream, chocolate, or caramel will make the body feel more refreshed when a picnic

In order not to bring game Bored
After dinner, it’s time to play! For example, checkers, snakes and ladders, or cards. Picnic in the yard also exciting. Or if the picnic is very broad, we can play ball or a kite!

Staring at Stars
Picnic when the night is also a good idea. After dinner, all members can picnic lay staring starry sky. definitely beautiful

Throw Garbage in Garbage Bag
Wherever we are, we should not litter. To make it easier, we collect trash in one bag. When meeting the trash, we just waste one bag.

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