Owl Museum, Penang Hill

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MY-penang-georgetown-hillOne place that caught my attention whereas visiting penang hill will be the owl museum. the owl museum will be the initial museum owls in southeast asia, the place is extremely characteristic, in it there could be a collection of sculptures, drawings, photographs, paintings, replicas, movie, wood dolls, and different owl shaped. the museum contains a little more than 1, 000 collections of replica owls, this collection from a little more than 20 countries like japan, south korea, uruguay, china, vietnam, thailand, united kingdom, indonesia and france.

Out to attend this place i ride rapid penang bus from komtar and down directly in front of one’s gate of penang hill, then continued in the cable car onto the high of penang hill. the museum is located because we are part of a convenient place, the air is extremely cool and nice blue sky and blue ocean look along issued from a distance.

The owl museum is extremely very simple to realize, there could be a name signpost that reads the owl museum. from the surface the building appearance when using the owl museum majority of wood, appearance terribly ethnic breath. the museum building when using the building therefore the place selling food and souvenirs at penang hill. the owl museum is located with the bottom of one’s food vendors and souvenir.

In front of one’s stairs leading onto the entrance lobby of one’s owl museum are selling tickets, i bought tickets with the venue for rm5 ( concerning 15, 000 ). actual value is rm10 for admission, though there is rm5 discount when visitors were students and can show a student card, coincidentally my standing than private sector workers sebaga i too standing just like a graduate student, i act givenfor my student card onto the clerk, and that i too managed out to get a piece half the value.

One step directly into owl museum immediately treated to the distinctive ornament owl. there will be a great deal of owl ornaments made of varied materials like wood, stone, metal, glass, clay, plastic, buffalo horn, shells, nuts, plant fiber, crystal, porcelain, pottery, paper and recycled items re. everything is incredibly distinctive.

There will be many paintings and drawings of owls tacked neatly on museum walls. there will be additionally collections of owls in bentu statues and dolls neatly arranged in glass shelves, all in several shapes, appearance terribly attention-grabbing.

Within the left corner close to the entrance and there will be tables and wood chairs, inside the table was composed owl replica created of wood created by carved. along the table there is additionally a carving tools and chisels that indicates that the owl replica is created of wood carved and chiseled. its a mixture that works full of artistic price.

Inside the right as to the entrance there may be a thick carpet laid out inside the floor, inside the rug and there will be several stuffed owls. then right in front as to the rug are flat-screen tvs that play the video and owl-themed films.

One alternative distinctive issue within the museum is an excerpt words displayed within the museum. there is one of the quote that almost all caught my attention, saying, a wise recent owl lived inside an oak, the a lot of he saw the less he spoke, the less he spoke the a lot of he heard. why will not we be such as that wise recent bird ?.

Possibly the most recent place i visited was the museum gift search, where it was eventually sold dolls, t-shirts, statues, clocks, stationery, key chains, pins, and thus forth. the costs are additionally cheap.

This place is highly recommended for those travelers who will be on vacation in penang, any time visiting penang hill. the owl museum is open everyday from 9 :00 till 18 :00

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