Hot Topic: Flights Grounded in Vietnam as Tourists Shy Away

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One of the buzzworthy stories revolves around the suspension of several flights in Vietnam. Meanwhile, there’s an ongoing appeal in Arabic writing that continues to capture attention.

Flights heading to Phu Quoc Island have been halted due to dwindling interest, despite being initially hailed as Vietnam’s up-and-coming tourism hub. At first, the prospects for Phu Quoc as a promising destination were shining bright, attracting both local and international tourists.

However, Phu Quoc struggled to maintain its charm. Over the past few months, the island has faced challenges such as soaring airfares, escalating hotel prices, and a surge in tourist scams amidst the flourishing tourism scene.

Tourists are showing less enthusiasm for vacations on the island. As the year comes to a close, the demand for flights to Phu Quoc has taken a nosedive, prompting the suspension of domestic flights from Da Nang, Can Thi, and Nha Trang due to a lack of passengers.

It’s not just domestic flights; several international flights have also been put on hold. Nonetheless, flights from South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kazakhstan, and the Czech Republic continue unabated, attracting approximately 1,700 passengers daily.

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