Other Countries Roll Out the Welcome Mat for Chinese Tourists, but the Philippines? Not So Much

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Chinese tourists are pretty much treated like royalty worldwide. Lots of places make it super easy for them to visit because, well, they’re seen as a cash cow. But guess what? Not in the Philippines.

According to the Philippine Star on Saturday (May 11), the Filipino government just announced they’re clamping down on tourist visas for Chinese folks.

Why? Because apparently, there’s been a bunch of fake applications flooding in.

Now, if you want a visa, you gotta bring the goods. That means Chinese citizens need to show a social security document from their government, prove they’ve got the dough to travel, show they’re gainfully employed, and flash their bank statements.

This crackdown comes after it came to light that some Chinese peeps were trying to game the system with fake docs, says some big shot from the civil security and consular affairs department.

Last year, the Philippines tried to lure in more Chinese tourists by offering e-visas, but that plan hit a snag and got delayed for three months because of tech issues.

So, if you’re a Chinese tourist eyeing the Philippines, just know you can only stay for three months max with the regular visa. And if you snag one of those multiple-entry visas, it’s good for six months to a year.

Sure, China’s a big deal for Filipino tourism, just like it is for other Asian countries. But with all the fraud going on, the Philippines is kinda giving them the side-eye and treading carefully.

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