Orchard Road, Famous Shopping and Delicious Food

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ION_OrchardTo go this shopping paradise you can use the MRT. There are two stops MRT station on Orchard Road, there is Orchard Road MRT and Sommerset MRT. Besides use MRT, you can also use other public transport such as buses and taxis.

Orchard road shopping satisfaction in the present, because in here you can find more than 12 major malls along the way. For just driving around, it usually takes about 3 to 5 days starting from Singapore Plaza to the Far East Plaza. Shopping center is the latest and also greatest is ION Orchard. Whereas the oldest plaza is Lucky Plaza (southeast asia place people congregate).

This place offers a variety of products in addition to buy cheap fashion price with international brand, also sells a variety of tourist souvenirs and typical food southeast asia. just the tips, you can look for souvenirs such as T-shirts and accessories at very affordable prices in Cotton which are located adjacent to the Orchard MRT, Ruby is located in front of ION Orchard MRT, or Far East Plaza Talisman Scottroad located on the 2nd floor.

Once satisfied shopping, now is the time to fill your stomach. For appetizers and snacks, you can buy pieces of Walls Ice cream usually peddled pitchman in crowded areas and open park at Orchard Road. Ice cream is very unique, just spend money SGD1 you will get ice cream with a large size. You can enjoy ice cream with wafers and bread, tastes very delicious and nothing to lose buy, available with a 6 variety of flavors. try it!

Time for the main course, you can find a variety of dishes from various nations here. If you are someone who has a limited budget, you can try to package food affordable budget. You can visit the Asian Food Mall, Ayam Penyet Ria, Minang House, Ice Teler 77, Food Republic, Food Opera, Kopi Tiam, Gyoza no Osho, Cuppage Plaza, McDonalds, and Alley Bar & Number 5 in Emerald hill. In addition to a restaurant that has been mentioned, there are still a lot of restaurant with a wide variety of processed and atmosphere are available here, you just adjust to taste and of course your budget.

Bored at the hotel? Come to watch a movie on Orchard Road. Apparently this place also provides various cinema theater that will spoil your eyes. You can visit the Orchard Area Cinema 24 Hours, Shaw Theatres Lido Cineplex, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, and Golden Village Plaza. You want to see Singapore at night from the 55th floor, try to enjoy the IONSKY rides located at ION Orchard.

Asiafreetravel completed exploration well this time at Orchard road. Actually there are many places that we have not flown in the area which is usually a place to spend the money you pay. If you have an interest here and recommended places to visit, try to contact us. We will be ready to provide in-depth reviews. See you in Orchard Road!

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