Playing Golf, Just a Hobby or Something Nice

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Stefanie_Schaeffer_playing_golfMany sports options, but golf inevitably be an exciting game options for executives which most men. Not only an important business deal is said to occur on the golf course, but romance can blossom at green meadow.

“It’s not a fun golf course, when off the court was no less interesting,” said a banker who is based in the business area. At the very least, this exercise was to make a scene, because it involves a twisted game officials alleged romance with his beautiful caddy. Yup, not only the golf swing stick, but more sophisticated. There is concern sportsmanship, no business, there is also concern about the romance.

There is a golf tour to a country which is sold by specialized travel agency, immediately attracted attention when his gift was beautiful and sexy caddy. “There is no guarantee that they can be ‘used’, and it is indeed the affairs of each personal. But golfers are not excited about any man, if his caddy beautiful and sexy, “said Dennis, a marketing consultant, who often follow the golf tour.

Not only his workout itself that makes the body healthy. But that makes it addictive is the service massage parlor after exercise. With a professional massage from Massage Parlour, the body is exhausted after playing golf and walking distance to several kilometers, straight fit. Has never prejudge anything until the masseuse turned out to provide more services.

New female caddy phenomenon emerged after the case of infidelity that led officials lately. For serious golfers to hone his abilities, usually will not buy a caddy women. The reason is that the caddy women can not give a good direction for the golfers game client. Sensuality is on the golf course and then compete with the excitement of golf itself. Not a few who did have a ‘hidden agenda’ with her caddy.

Closeness between the women golfers caddy is very possible happened. As said by Adam from a famous Golf Club which says that the closeness between women and golfers caddy allows occur. So far nothing happened at the club, Adam is still considered natural. But if proximity to exit the club, Adam said that it was beyond its authority.

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