North Pole Expedition History in Frammuseet

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Fram-museetStill in the area Bygdoy, after of Vikingskipshuset, you can continue your tour to Frammuseet. The museum is dedicated to the explorers that perform various dangerous expeditions for conquering the North Pole and the South Pole. Names that often arise when discussing polar exploration was Fridtjof Nansen. Fridtjof Nansen similar to those you find in the Nobel Peace Center. No wonder this guy is very famous and the pride of the community in Norway because so many have given to this country by Nansen.

The price of admission is to Frammuseet for 60 NOK or free if you use the Oslo Pass. The main exhibition of the ship Fram Frammuseet is used to reach the north pole and south pole. This ship is very large, there are several levels of the floor around the ship so that visitors can see the Fram from various sides. In addition to seeing the Fram, each floor provide information about polar exploration expeditions that have been made with ship Fram.

Fram was made in 1893 by Colin Archer at the request of Nansen and has been used for polar exploration missions from 1893 to 1912. The main issue of using a polar exploration ship wood is heavy ice could destroy the ship. To avoid the problem that the frame is designed to be able to climb to the top of the ice and floating. Three polar explorers that can not be separated from the history is Otto Sverdrup Fram, Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen.

In 1893, the first time using a Fram Nansen to the North Pole. Nansen and the Fram did not manage to reach the North Pole, but they managed to reach the farthest point from the north pole, which is at the point 85’57’N. The next expedition conducted by Sverdrup in 1898 for an expedition to the islands in the Canadian Arctic. Sverdrup purpose as it is to make a map of the Arctic Chebeague, take samples of flora, fauna, and geology. Amundsen last figure is that in the diaries of many of his stories in Frammuseet dominate. Amundsen led the expedition to the South Pole mission in 1912 and managed to reach the farthest point from the south.

Once satisfied with all the information and all the characters explorers, visitors can climb into and see the interior of the ship Fram. Fram condition is still very good so it can be climbed. You can climb to the top of the ship that had been to the north pole and south pole. In the Fram, The view and atmosphere that feels suddenly changed, mast, rope-strewn, steering, and various pipes bring different feelings.

On board the cruiser should last for several years in order to reach the closest point of the earth’s poles. remote, cold, far from family, and significant others, and do not know for sure what they would find in the expedition. Besides being able to climb into the Fram, visitors can also explore the inside of the frame. You will see a recreation room where the crew spends leisure time, a kitchen, a bedroom, and the machinery of the fram. There are many other rooms are located under the floor to answer your curiosity on this ship.

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