No-No’s for Christmas Goodies on Flights: Keep It Light and Easy!

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So, Christmas is here, and you’re all set for a festive getaway. But hey, hold your reindeer! Turns out, flying with your Christmas stash might need a bit of thought. Forget Santa’s bag having no bounds—airports have rules, and some festive stuff might be a no-go.

As reported by Mirror on a chill Tuesday (December 19, 2023), even with those strict carry-on rules, there are some surprise Christmas presents that might get you into trouble. Think twice before packing those cute snow globe toys or even seemingly harmless gifts.

Ever thought a snow globe could be an airport rebel? Well, it is! Airport security guru Michael spilled the tea, warning travelers to check if their seemingly harmless gifts are on the naughty list.

“Spare a thought for those presents you want to take on the plane. Snow globes? Nope. Like most things with liquid, aerosols, or food, they might be taken away or sealed off,” shared Michael.

But wait, there’s more! Kids’ toys can also cause a stir, especially those action figures that look like mini weapons.

“Anything looks like a gun? That’s a no-go. Security will snatch it away faster than you can say ‘Ho, ho, ho.’ Even lightsabers, cool as they are, might raise eyebrows due to their design or fancy lithium-ion batteries. Stick them safely in your checked bag, and you should be good to go,” added our security whiz.

And here’s a little tip for gift wrappers out there: Jeremy, another ex-security pro, says maybe save that wrapping marathon for when you reach your destination. Why? Well, if airport security decides your gift looks a bit iffy, they’re going to unwrap it, plain and simple.

“I wasn’t exactly thrilled to play the Grinch and unwrap presents, but rules are rules. Even the most innocent-looking stuff might get flagged, and we have to check it out,” explained Jeremy.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Christmas crackers—the ones that go bang! While airport security might give them the green light, your friendly airline folks might not be too keen. Most airlines say no-no to crackers on flights, but a few might be cool if you stash them away. Just make sure to check the party policies of your airline. Safe travels and a holly jolly Christmas!

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