Spain Says No to Short Flights: All Aboard the Train!

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Spain’s got a new plan for greener tourism: ditching short-haul flights and giving trains the spotlight!

Taking a cue from France’s eco-friendly moves, Spain’s government wants to kick short flights to the curb and push travelers towards train trips instead.

According to a study, swapping short flights for train rides under four hours could slash up to 300,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

Their game plan? Redirecting 11 air routes to railway tracks, expected to cut Spain’s domestic flight emissions by a cool 10 percent.

This change means routes like Madrid to hotspots like Alicante, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia will be off the flight list, while international trips stay put.

The ban’s set to roll out once the coalition government gives it the green light. Plus, Spain’s eyeing up restrictions on private jets and aviation fuel.

Like what France did with three short-haul routes, Spain’s move is a big step forward.

And with fancy new high-speed sleeper trains and cheap tickets from other European countries, we might just be seeing the start of a flight-free travel trend in Europe.

Looks like Europe’s all about those eco-friendly, wallet-friendly travel vibes!

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