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DjurgårdenIn Stockholm, perhaps the island’s most known and most visited by tourists after Gamla Stan is Djurgarden. The island is famous for its many green open spaces and beautiful garden, Different event, and also the center of tourist attraction. Djurgarden is located rather far apart in downtown Stockholm and can be reached by ferry which departs from the dock Slussen or use a bus or tram which departs from Sergels Torg. Since I use the SL travel card, I can use the ferry to cross over to Djurgarden.

Djurgarden is the right place to use the Stockholm Card because many tourist attractions in Stockholm gathered here, as Grona Lund, Skansen, the Vasa Museum and the Nordic Museum. If it is not willing to go to some museums, the choice for a picnic or a walk around the Djurgarden no less fun. Djurgarden Stockholm very loving community and make this island as a recreational destination. Especially for the summer, people are very stylish Stockholm Djurgarden makes a favorite spot for sunbathing.

Admittedly, parks and green open spaces in Djurgarden is very beautiful. Waters at the edge of the garden looks sparkling reflect sunlight, various shapes and colors of flowers adorn the path to the garden, abundant fresh air, and a vast expanse of prairie that invites curiosity who is just coming to sit and enjoy the atmosphere there. Collection also sitting ducks in the park without fear tone aka people crazy enough to be caught they lunch.

In the summer almost every inch of Djurgarden in Stockholm are filled with people sunbathing. When there is sunlight and the public spaces where they will lay down for sunbathing. With cheerful hearts Stockholm women enjoy the sunshine in her favorite bikini, while the men do not wear clothes in order to get a more tan skin.

In addition to sunbathing, the community came to Djurgarden Stockholm for a walk with dog. Dogs in Stockholm are occupies a position which is quite high. Stockholm society so love their dogs, as they love their own children. So great, that dog has a very high manners. They do not bark at strangers. They adhere to the employer and can position themselves properly when using public transport.

So, at that time in Djurgarden park filled with tourists, the Stockholm, ducks, dogs, and gulls. Forget all the museum because the view was much more enjoyable.


Remember, taking photographs of people who were sunbathing was not polite. Not necessarily people who are willing to be photographed sunbathing. If still curious to capture the moment, do smarter, candid, use the zoom mode, or just about anything as long as it do not get caught.

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