Most Visited Mandatory Unique Festival in korea

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In a country which has the nickname The Land of the Morning Calm, visitors can enjoy a diversity of cultures, like the festival very loss to miss if you visit this country. Here are some of the festivals that take place regularly in Korea

Mountain Trout Ice Festival
The festival is held every year in January. The festival is held in Hwacheon, Gangwon province. The festival is organized with the goal of keeping the communities Korean and foreign tourists can enjoy the beauty of ice crystals and snow in the Hwacheon area.

Jindo Sea Parting Festival
At any given time around the sea area Jindo in South Jeolla province formed a small road. Small street which divides the sea about 2.8 kilometers in length with a width of 40 to 60 meters. Visitors can walk from the mainland to one of the nearby islands. Phenomenon walked on land which parted the sea is sometimes called the Moses Miracle.

Muju Firefly Festival
Now we go to Muju, North Jeolla Province. Annually in mid Firefly Festival held in June. In this festival the visitors can see the light like fireflies adorn the dark night is very romantic, is not it?

Jinju Lantern Festival
The lantern festival is very unique, where visitors can see hundreds of lanterns are made from a unique paper. Hundreds of these lanterns come in various shapes and sizes. We can see this festival in early October. One thing that still awaited the visitors on this festival which they hope to write in a paper that will kemudiakn they put in the lantern.

Boryeong Mud Festival
Daecheon Beach Boryeong Mud Festival is held. The festival is normally frequented by foreign tourists. Here the visitors can play with mud. Not only that, the visitors usually do other activities such as wrestling, skating on the beach or swimming in a giant mud provided. Estival is more festive because of the musical performances, parades peungunjung indulgent snacks until late at night.

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