Ha Long Bay’s Beauty Gets a Plastic Makeover

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Ha Long Bay, the Instagram-famous beauty spot, is dealing with a not-so-pretty problem – plastic pollution. According to Vietnam Express, travelers are feeling a bit let down after a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site because, well, it’s getting pretty crowded with tourists and plastic trash.

Ana Mich, who’s from Lithuania, loved the Ha Long Bay views but couldn’t ignore the plastic floating around.

Sreejith S, an Indian visitor, complained about the tourist-packed vibe, saying he’s not keen on a comeback.

Alva White had to wait ages – around 30 minutes – just to step into the Sung Sot Cave. Long queue, tired feet, but the cave’s beauty made up for it, according to Alva.

As of November 20, Ha Long Bay welcomed about 2.39 million visitors, targeting 2.5 million by year-end. But that’s way below the 2019 pre-pandemic hustle of 4.5 million visitors.

But wait, there’s more – some bays are hitting max capacity. Plastic waste is now part of the Ha Long Bay experience, with boat owners making their crew do double duty to clean up. Local authorities? Not doing much, as per reports.

“There’s so much trash, especially when the tide’s low,” griped Hoang Long, a boat owner.

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