Tyagarah Beach, the Famous Nature Hangout, Might Be Shut Down

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Tyagarah Beach down under in Australia is currently stirring up quite the fuss. Local authorities are thinking of cracking down on folks who enjoy letting it all hang out there, even though it’s been a hotspot for naturists.

This stretch of coastline, nestled in New South Wales, has been a favorite haunt for naturists from near and far. Clocking in at 800 meters (or 875 yards), Tyagarah Beach boasts stunning views along the northern Byron Bay.

CNN reports that this beach, part of the Tyagarah Nature Reserve managed by the state, has suddenly found itself in the spotlight. Last year, the state government penned a letter to the local council expressing concerns about public naturist clashing with the reserve’s values.

This crackdown is part of a larger plan by the Byron Shire Council, which is mulling over policies for managing the Tyagarah Nature Reserve. Come February 22, there’ll be a vote on whether to keep it clothing-optional or not.

A report from the Tyagarah Nature Reserve conservation plan mentioned some unsavory behavior by beachgoers, including those who don’t quite get the dress code. And, naturally, this ban on birthday suits has sparked some heated protests.

Bradley Benham, head honcho of the Byron Naturists gang, kicked off a petition that’s already got over a thousand signatures. The petition’s aimed at Penny Sharpe, the New South Wales Minister for the Environment.

“We naturists are scarce on outdoor space in NSW (and Australia), and this beach means the world to us,” Benham wrote in the petition.

This isn’t the first time Tyagarah’s reputation as a naturist haven has been in jeopardy. Back in 2018, a similar move got the thumbs-down from the Byron Shire Council. They ended up sticking some CCTV cameras as a compromise.

“I’ve been at Byron Shire. But now, with a bigger crowd and more beachgoers, we need a designated spot to let it all hang out,” said Benham.

If the new rule gets the green light next week, it’ll be swimwear mandatory at Tyagarah Beach starting April 8.

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