The Most Delicious Food and Drink in Korea

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One thing to do when visiting the blood that has not been visited are tasting traditional foods listed there.

Kimchi is a traditional food korea contains vegetables fermented then given a spicy seasoning. Kimchi has several types, there is kimchi made of radish, some are made from chicory mixed with garlic, red pepper, green onion, squid, oysters, or seafood. Kimchi is usually served as a banchan or side dish.
In Seoul, there is a museum called the Museum Kimchi Pulmuone who has recorded 187 types of kimchi. Even a health magazine noted that Kimchi is one of the five healthiest foods in the world. He also explained that kimchi contains several vitamins that are likely to prevent cancer and aid digestion.

Bulgogi is derived from two words meaning bul gogi fire and meat that has meaning. The main ingredient is beef bulgogi mixed with soy sauce and sugar or dependent on prescription from their respective regions. Generally, the main ingredient of beef bulgogi is tender, but sometimes there are also made daengan pork as the main ingredient.

In Korea there are also foods that are called bokkeumbap or fried rice. The main ingredient of course rice which is then how to make it is by frying, usually they mix bokkeumbap with kimchi or kimchi often called bokkeumbap. Not only kimchi, Korean society is also usually mix this fried rice with meat or seafood.

Bibimbap consists of two words, which means mixed Bibim and bap means rice, so bibimbap is rice mixed. To make bibimbap korean people usually mix the rice with vegetables, meat, and eggs. Presentation of bibimbap is quite unique, they typically use a stone bowl that has been heated and given sesame oil. The sesame oil will make the rice at the bottom of a crust. In addition, the use of hot stone bowl will also make a raw egg served on top of rice will be cooked. Because his name mixed rice, so before eating the rice must be stirred together with complementary material.

Dilihar of sense of the word, Naengmyeon divided into two words meaning Naeng cool and meaningful myeon noodles. So Naengmyeon is cold noodles. At first according to the book Dongook Sesigi at the end zama Joseon Dynasty. Naengmyeon or cold noodle dishes are the kind of seasonal winter. The cold noodles usually mixed with cabbage kimchi and pork on top. While the soup is made from beef broth mixed with some seasoning. But this time, cold noodles made from buckwheat flour wheat is more popular as a summer day. Summer atmosphere will not feel so hot when eating noodles are usually served with ice cubes this. Curious? The noodles are also easy to make at home.

Gimbap is one of the much-loved snack Korean society. Gimbap or seaweed rice is made from rice which is then covered with dry seaweed or commonly referred to kim. This is generally the contents Gimbap vegetables, eggs, meat, or grains.
Amazingly, Gimbap are a favorite food when traveling is selected by foreigners as the favorite food of the 100 types of Korean cuisine, I can not imagine how delicious snack on this one!

Korean beverages
One thing to do when visiting the blood that has not been visited are tasting traditional drink contained therein.

Soju is a Korean type of liquor made from rice. But sometimes there are also fed an additional ingredient or ingredients substituted potatoes, corn, or sweet potato. This colorless beverage alcohol content between 20 and 45%.

The basic ingredients of this same liquor makgeolli with soju, namely rice, wheat, or sweet potato. But the difference this makgeolli white turbid. The more popular traditional beverage drunk by farmers is sweet but slightly sour taste. Drinks can not be stored longer, hence this drink is usually only sold in the winter.

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