Lovely Snow Temple in Thailand

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thailand isn’t just famous ready for its phuket or ayutthaya, there may be several different tourist objects within the country this white elephant. lovely temples full of charm, for instance.

the first of them, the white temple. this temple by a native resident named wat rong khun. temple may be a buddhist temple but a hindu up to date designed by chalemchai khositphipjat from thailand.

it took him 10 years to style and refine the construction in this temple. white temple may be a gift regarding the queen of thailand, sirilit, as quoted from the bbc, saturday ( 29/09/2012 ).

this temple is differ different temples in thailand, in the main owing to its white color distinction throughout the total building, conjointly features white glass. the white color symbolizes the sanctity as out to the buddha, whereas the use of glass symbolizing the buddhist wisdom that illuminates the earth and also the universe.

temple is located in northern thailand can still proceed to be built. this temple will just be equipped with the use of a chapel, pagodam crematorium, monastery hall, prayer hall, museum, pavilion, and rest facilities for visitors who will just be created an space of three hectares.

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