Indonesia Ultimate Places for Exciting Girl Gang Holiday Weekend

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For many girls, the weekend may be a time to firmly gather with friends. if included, fourth place is suitable to firmly visit your girl gang to firmly pay the weekend along.

Having exhausted the move for 5 full days, many girls are choosing the weekend as time along side his gang. thats the time to inform you everything, ranging from personal issues to firmly work. not merely that, but in addition a means that of gathering hobby along with gang.

The choice on your right location was therefore preoccupied determining whether or not your gang holiday weekend. to firmly that finish, on friday asiafreetravel collected some exciting place to firmly pay the weekend together with your girl gang :


To a small degree far from jakarta, the town will conjointly be gudeg preferred destinations to firmly pay the weekend along with her friends. however ought to you keep one night so as to firmly vacation additional satisfied.

There could be many attention-grabbing destinations will be which might be visited in yogyakarta. however one of the fun course breakfast along in front on your market and along jalan malioboro beringharjo.

Within the whole morning, there could be many that sell mbok-mbok typical breakfast yogya, decision it pecel and dent nuts. to not mention tiwul or candil are conjointly fun to firmly serve snacks.

After breakfast, you along with your gang of ladies will go straight directly into market. there have been many stalls selling batik, ranging from clothes to firmly bags batik.

By evening, its time exploring malioboro. there could be many that sell typical food lesehan yogya as gudeg and krecek. not merely that, the malioboro space is additionally full of vendors selling trinkets cute currently being a bracelet or necklace.

Tidung Island, Jakarta

Well, to produce a girl gang who love beaches, tidung island within the whole thousand islands could possibly be an choice. the manner to firmly achieve finally it was simple, simply across from marina ancol or muara angke, traveler could to firmly get there.

Tidung island is divided into 2, namely pulau besar and pulau tidung little tidung. nice tidung inhabited island concerning 4, 000 inhabitants, whereas the little tidung uninhabited island. each were contacted from the bridge of love.

There could be many activities that could possibly be you and your folks are going to do. one is snorkeling. yes, tidung island conjointly has got a beautiful underwater world.

In spite of this, if you really don’t wish alternative wet, you’ll be able to walk along the island or to firmly sit inside the bridge of love. as he talked with friends, relish the beautiful sunset from the highest on your bridge.

Bandung, West Java

The very first destination will be which might be visited busy-busy in the girl gang is that the town of bandung in west java. located not faraway from jakarta, the town is extremely suitable for girls shoppers.

London is crammed by several analysts factory outlets. the goods are sold conjointly has top quality. never asked in regards to the trend. dubbed the paris van java, a spread of clothing sold is certainly following the newest trend.

Perhaps one of the locations will be which might be visited is that the dago and jalan riau ( otherwise known jl re martadinata ). in there, there could be many factory outlets lined the famous, like blossom within the whole dago and also the secret in jl riau.

Satisfy desire to firmly search there. enter one by one outlet obtainable. get in which the attention-grabbing stuff. additional exciting nonetheless, if you really might invest in a gang of similar items, like key chains or bracelets.

Bogor, West Java

Town rain is therefore location was a fun weekend getaway with girlfriends, particularly foodies. yes, bogor has many fun places to firmly eat, such as the one in taman kencana.

This space is full of millions of fun places to firmly eat commonly applied to hang out. a few of them are home cupcake & bbq, macaroni bake, house apples, lasagna roll, will you and klappetart huize.

Whereas enjoying the atmosphere on your town of bogor, pay time chatting in cafes this exciting. moreover, most of them eateries seem deliberately needed to firmly create it currently being a hangout. there could be many sofas are obtainable to firmly guests.

If not satisfied, there could be still alternative places that could satisfy your culinary hobby, namely jalan suryakencana. vehicle parked inside the side of the highway, and revel in a culinary tour on foot.

There could be many culinary carts serving bogor. one is spiced sago. imagine what quantity fun eating spiced sago whereas hot. not merely that, you and your folks will style authentic lumpia bogor.

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