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halong bay bikini girlsHalong Bay consists of more than 3000 limestone monolithic islands group is overgrown with forests. The number was still disputed island group because, according to some sources, a local man who admitted there were 1969 groups of islands. One of the unique Halong Bay is a combination of outstanding natural beauty. The sea is blue, towering limestone cliffs, green vegetation on the small island indeed spoil the eye. There are islands with dense forest, there are only a towering limestone, there is a cave that looks mysterious.

In the area of ​​Halong Bay, the biggest cave is Hang Dau Go. This cave has three large rooms filled with stalagmite and stalactites. While the two major islands that exist in this region is Tuan Chau and Cat Ba. Both islands are inhabited by locals and also provided a range of accommodation for tourists. Almost all limestone islands in Halong Bay form a tower height of up to 100 meters. This scene must have been very beautiful. Just imagine you are on a ship that is being swerved past the limestone towers. The natural beauty of the other is the number of lakes that formed in the middle of the limestone islands. For example, Dau Be Island there are six lakes.

Halong Bay has a wet climate, tropical, with two seasons, humid summers and dry winters. Despite having a tropical climate, but it tends to be cooler. Sometimes the sea breeze strong enough so that it will add to the cold.

Halong Bay is located in northeastern Vietnam. The bay stretches from Yen Hung District, passing through Halong City, Cam Pha Town, to Dong Van District. Southern and southeastern boundary of Halong Bay is the Gulf of Tonkin and the northern boundary is China, while in the west and northwest is the island of Cat Ba. The length of the coast of Halong Bay is 120 km. areas to be included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site covering 434 km with 775 islands in it. This area is bounded by Dau Go Island in the west, Ba Ham Lake to the south, and the island of Cong Tay to the east. Halong Bay residents and about 1600 people living in four villages namely Ba Hang floating, Vong, Vieng, Cong Tau, and Cua Van Thang Huang region. They live in a floating home and work for fish and develop aquaculture.

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