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Indonesia-Bali_TulambenJPGThis very beautiful beach is located about 125 kilometers northeast of Denpasar. From Kuta beach which includes the Karangasem region can be reached in about three hours. Unlike Kuta, on the beach which is located on the east side of Bali that you can not sunbathe or play ball in the sand. Because this beach does not have sand but rocks.

Privileged Tulambem beach is not beach but the underwater scenery. In the coastal waters than many types of coral reefs and colorful fish are benign, there are also owned by Liberty wreck the United States armed forces which drowned as a Japanese torpedo in the war 1942. The ship has now become a gathering place for some kind of life on the sea floor Tulamben. On the seabed, the position of the wreck 50 meters long with a slope of 45 degrees, looks like antique objects that had been on display for diving lovers. Location is not too deep, only about ten feet below the water surface.

In addition to historic, you can also enjoy the beautiful coral reefs on the seabed cliff that has a slope of 90 degrees. To reach the area, you must come to the surface first, and then by boat you will be escorted to a steep cliff beneath the sea, known as a drop of points.

In Tulamben beach, you can enjoy beautiful views of Mount Agung towering majestically. Trekking and hiking enthusiasts can begin to climb out of this region. On the way to Mount Agung that you will be able to enjoy the view of eastern Bali and Lombok across the strait.

Accommodation and Amenities at Tulamben

In Tulamben beach, there are many hotels and resorts, from low rental rates to the most expensive. Inn rooms with air conditioning you can lease around 250,000 to Rp 300,000 per night. If only a fan-only Rp70.000 per night.
There are also many restaurants in this beach. Almost all of the restaurants overlooking the sea, was deliberately treats to be able to see the beautiful natural scenery and romantic. With a menu of seafood dishes, the average price of food in the restaurant is reasonably priced.

Diving in Tulamben

Tulamben region has seven dive sites scattered along the coast. The dive sites around 50-200 meters from the shoreline with relatively small waves.

For diving, you do not need to bring diving equipment. You can rent here with tarfi low rents. Only by 250,000 per hour you are able to hire a full diving equipment such as scuba shoes, swimsuit, oxygen tubes, ballast, mouth piece, masks, and regulators. This price usually includes boat rental. If you want to take photos under water, you can rent an underwater camera at a price of Rp 150,000 per hour.

Transportation to Tulamben Beach

The road to Tulamben beach is very nice and smooth. To get there, you can use the tourist transport vehicles, motorcycles, or cars.

If you ride public transportation, you have to replace public transport several times. From Kuta using minibus arrived at Tegal terminal, then switch to public transport in Batubulan. Of Batubulan riding the bus or minibus to Karangasem. from Karangasem, you replace public transport again. This time with rural transport towards Tulamben. Due to public transport passengers is very rare in Bali, it is likely you will be offered to rent the vehicle. Try good at bargaining. If you’re lucky, you just get a very economical price.

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